Monday, June 29, 2015

america and love

I loved the pictures! LOVED your emails and felt like I was able to be apart of that special day. PARKS wow. I still cant believe you leaving so soon. Im so so proud of you. love you little man.

This week was super AMERICAN. I feel like I was in America this week. Let me tell yall about it...
First of all, our investigator who comes to eikaiwa, Aiko who we recently started teaching lessons to, came to Aoyagi Choros devotional yesterday! It was a miracle, and the Lord touched her heart through the spirit, the words spoken were addressed to her needs, and it was really neat to see her slowly changing and softening her heart. Yesterday was also a little tender mercy for me. Ever since that experience of seeing the light of Christ in people, ive been wanting and trying to find ways to show that light and love so desperately, I know that it only comes through being worthy and happy and having the spirit. Yesterday, before the devotional, Aiko said that my eyes were shining, after the devotional, she said my eyes kept getting brighter and brighter, and before she left, she said that she loved me and wants the "shine" that i have. It was really a tender mercy, and I know that the Lord can use us as His tools. We are His servants in this critical time of hastening the work. So charrenjee--- be HAPPY this week. and Smile at everyone. the light will only come through love and a smile and the spirit. :)))))

This week, I slept on a BED. ya. guys. i slept on a bed. The first time on my mission. We had companion exchanges, and the apartment in Fukuroi used to be a senior couple apartment, so they had beds. It was lovely.
We met quite a lot of americans this week which was not normal, but 2 couple missionaries from Orem came and spoke in our ward yesterday. Elder Maetani worked with President Pullan, he says yoroshiku.

This week, we did a ton of less-active work. It is hard to see people who once knew the gospel, who were familiar with the spirit, and who had a relationship with God, to be in a state now of unhappiness. Please dont ever let yourself forget the feelings of the spirit. It is SO important to nourish your spirit everyday. Pray fervently everyday. Love you so much, and I know the Lord loves you perfectly. Thank you for your example and dedication. You are incredible. Love you so much.


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