Monday, July 20, 2015

THIS WEEK (from Jul 5, 2015)

GUYS! THIS WEEK! THIS WEEK WAS SO GOOD! I wish you could all be
missionaries here with me in Shizuoka. Dad and President Daniels would
just spiritually-lightning bolt every heart here, Mom and Sister
Daniels would serve everyone and your hugs and smile would convert
like crazy, Shay, people would be flocking to be best friends with
you, Parker and Michael and Jaren would make everyone laugh and preach
with power and we would just KILL IT over here. Miss you all so much.

SO. Takayama. We had two lessons with her this week. One was at the
church with a member, which was huge. She only does lessons at her
house. She opened up a ton, and Fujiwara shimai bore such powerful
testimony. During these experiences, I truly feel like a missionary.
Helping members fulfill their responsibility of enduring to the end,
and also bringing the lost sheep back to the fold. It is those moments
that I feel the most joy and most satisfaction. I feel most guided by
the Lord during these moments, Parker you are going to looooove it. On
Sunday she came to church with her husband and 2 kids! Please keep her
in your prayers.

This week, we stopped a lady on our way to a less-actives house. She
actually started arguing a little with us about how Christians are
changing Japan's culture, and a lot of Japanese people are worried
about it. Before we could say anything back, she said BUT, I would
actually like to ask you if I could come see what church is like,
would it be possible for me to attend church this Sunday? Ummm what?
Wait are you sure? Haha that was definitely a first. She came to all 3
hours of church, and I asked her before relief society started, "so
how are you feeling? How has church been so far? She said "I feel very
welcomed here. I feel like I'm in a big family and feel very
comfortable here." Yeeeaaaaa you do, we are family, my sista! She
agreed to meet with us tomorrow, I know the spirit touched her heart,
and we can't wait to see if she let the spirit affect her. Also, at
eikaiwa, a new boy came named Hanashiro. We talked to him after,
invited him to church, and he attended all 3 hours as well. He said he
enjoyed it, and is meeting with the elders on Friday.
We met with Nakayama yesterday (eternal inv). She has been in and out
of the hospital, but she said she had several experiences with
Heavenly Father during that time, and she is excited to tell us about
it. She said she prayed everyday during that time, and she knew
someone was there with her. God is hastening his work. It is so neat
to see a glimpse of the bigger picture and be on the winning side.
This morning, I studied 2 nephi, 9&10. In chapter 10, the last 5
versus are so applicable to us. Parker, especially for you as you are
about to leave for your mission. You may think your life is going in
one direction, and God will direct you on a different path. Take that
path, and be happy about it! Trust that our Father is taking you on
paths that will bless you more than any other. Isn't is awesome to
know that right now, your will and our heavenly fathers will are
aligned. You have the same goals and same purpose right now. Always
work on his terms, and do what he asks. Whether that is from direct
revelation, through the mouth of your mission president, other
leaders, or the scriptures- apply it and make the most of it. I know
you will see incredible miracles. Your heart is in the right place,
and I am so proud of you.

Yesterday, I told Nakayama San this experience, and I cried and cried
and was filled with an overwhelming spirit and love, especially for
grandma waddoups. Right before my mission, I was really struggling
with feeling worthy and ready to work with the Lord. I wondered if I
was able to fulfill all that the Lord wanted me to do, and I didn't
know my standing before Him. It was during sacrament meeting in Idaho
when I prayed so earnestly and was pleading with God to help me feel
love from Him that I felt His love more powerfully than ever. Right as
I asked Heavenly Father and poured my heart out to him, grandma
waddoups reached over and held my hand. It was what I needed right
then, and my heart was so full with the spirit. God uses what he has
to bless others. And we are all He has. Grandma Waddoups helped me
feel Gods love that day, she was worthy and I know is always willing
to do whatever the Lord prompts or asks of her. I hope that you know,
as a member of gods church and family, that He wants to use you to
help others. He will if we are willing. And I know if you do, you will
never be happier. You will never be so full of joy and love and the
spirit. It is so worth it. Love you all so much. Hope you have a
goooood week.
Sister Wilcox/Twit

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