Saturday, April 11, 2015

turning a new page

I loved seeing you all gathered together at gmas house for conference. such good memories there! I remember the sweet spirit that was there after conference was over and we would just sit and talk about our favorites and impressions we felt. Love you so much!

Dad, I loved what you said about trusting in the Lord. You are right,and we cannot get casual in our discipleship. With this challenge in front of me, I am preparing to rely completely on the Lords counsel and guidance. His love is what will soften the hearts of the people, and we cannot do this work without following the leader, the exemplar, the master Jesus Christ. Although i have found comfort and counsel from him, let me tell you...i am still terrified. TERRIFIED. Tomorrow we go to Nagoya, pick up new comp, then go to Shizuoka. So it will be a miracle if we will even be able to FIND Shizuoka. ;) Ive cried so much Mineta Shimai just laughs whenver i start crying. its a little ridiculous. anywhayysss...

SAD NEWS: Shimizu san did not get baptized yesterday. :( . we made programs, the DL came for her interview, she seemed like she had gotten a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that this was right, then after she came to little Nozomi chans baptism she even got the sweetest priesthood blessing from the ward missionary leader and we all cried and it was such a neat experience. We called her the day of the interview and she would not answer. Later, we called and she seemed so upset. No more happiness in her voice. She told us she had gone to the internet and read some things and doesnt know how she feels about baptism anymore. ...WHY SATAN WHY??! He is working hard on her and it is so sad to see her progress stunted because of the power of the adversary. After counsel from the DL, and the Lord, we visited her that night. I think she was also embarrassed because she had smoked again:( she came to a sports activity the next day but did not come to church on sunday. keep her in your prayers please!

Evangeline and Kon chan came to church yesterday! Kon chan wrote me a letter in english, it was so so cute i have to share with you:

Dear Sister Whitney Shalayne Wilcox-
I could understand that I am loved by our father when you talk about Heavenly Father. Also, Thanks to you and Sister Mineta, I was able to know the presence of our Father. Thanks so much. :) Im glad to meet you. And, Im trying hard to study English as you do!! I want to go to your hometown when I can speak ordinary conversation in English. I hope your happiness. I want to also meet on you. I love you. Thank you! Love, Marin Kontani

How sweet is that?? Just makes my heart so happy. There is no greater happiness or pure joy we feel than helping others develop a relationship with God and sharing this beautiful message with His children. I know that He is mindful of each person. He know your needs, your wants and wishes and dreams. He knows what heartache, love, hate, sadness, and joy feels like. We are here to progress toward Heaven. We could not even begin to start this progression without the Savior:s atonement. I love the Savior. I testify that He lives.

Love you so much. I have sooo much to tell you but no time. Parker, Im so so proud and happy that you are submitting your papers. You are already a dedicated disciple and an amazing son of God. love you so so much. This journey ahead of you will not be one tread alone. So many will be supporting you, across the veil and here on earth. love you.
HAve a sweet week, lots of love
Sister Wilcox