Monday, December 28, 2015

Parker's Blog

I'm not sure this ever got posted, but Parker's blog is here:


Wow Betsy. BETSY!!! Guys sorry I bawled the whole time talking to you.
I was really happy, I promise. :) That was so FUN, Michael it was so
nice to kinda almost finally meet you sorta. Mikell sent me a vid of
you guys kissing after the sealing so that was fun. And more pics! It
looked like such a perfect dream, so happy that you are so happy. I
bet the sealing was so special.
Don't have a ton of time today, it is compy's bday so some members are
taking us to Costco and sushi. Some quick deets I failed to mention on

Christmas Eve! The nicest less active you ever did meet invited the
missionaries and a couple members to go Christmas caroling at her
apartment complexES. (There were at least 6 bldgs) it was a blast. One
of the elders was dressed as Santa with a big bag of treats and we
were dressed as rain deer. Nomura Shimai had a huuuge list of people
to go carol to, so we'd sing a Christmas hymn, Santa would give a
treat, then we'd RUN to the next door and do it again. It was
hilarious and a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve. One lady opened
the door and just started sobbing! She couldn't even speak.
#seeyouagainsoon #wewillbringthewhitejumpsuit. Singing of the savior
and bringing a little light into their homes was the perfect way to
spread Christ's love. One of the members brought Christmas cake and
hot chocolate, cutest way to spend Christmas Eve!

Something I heard from another missionary: A successful missionary is
one who never settles. Is never content.
Change is not fun, but it's needed. So in dads words: buck up buck
squat and start changing. Our cute little companionship on a cute lil
Thursday afternoon doing a cute lil session of weekly planning, we
made a companionship goal to be 1) More diligent 2) More faithful. We
wanted to work on Christlike attributes, opened PMG and prayerfully
chose these two attributes of Christ. Guys don't just pick attributes
that you don't actually want to work on cuz we've been whipped in the
bum ever since choosing these- it's been a testimony builder to me
that God does not leave us helpless, and if we have true desires to
change, he will most definitely be the one to help us (or be the one
to whip your bum ;)) Had a mission phone conference where we were all
called to repentance. Japan has received new digital pamphlets, and we
haven't been using them as much as we should. We were challenged to
use them in every lesson, and keep inviting investigators to be
baptized in first or second lesson. Jshimai and I decided to be
faithful, diligent and obedient in this challenge. As we have been
working on it, we were blessed with huuuuuge miracles!!!!!!! We called
Hata San who had come to church last week and the Christmas party to
try to set up another appointment. She said "hey so. I read the Book
of Mormon. I didn't understand it and it was kind of boring, so can we
study together?" "Um. Yes. Yes definitely yes." "Also, will you be at
church on Sunday? Can I come again?" "..uhhh what? I mean yes yes
PLEASE yes." (And you hear the heavens shouting praises and singing
gloooooooorriaaa). So she came to church (walked 45 min in the cold to
get here!) and stayed all three hours. We had a lesson with her after
church where we reviewed the plan of salvation..she remembered
everything! Perfectly! We talked about our goal of the celestial
kingdom and the steps to get there. She names them off perfectly. We
used the pamphlet to explain baptism, showed her a video, and invited
her to be baptized. She SET HER OWN DATE, it was a Christmas miracle.
It was so fun for us to bear testimony to her, and rejoice with her
for making her way toward a relationship with God and her own
salvation! It was so neat!! Please keep her in your prayers. Praying
that we can work together to be more diligent and more faithful in
order to use the spirit to help others understand Jesus Christ.

I love you! So much! President Daniels sent an email, he and his wife
had a goal to have all of their children in the celestial room
together and they achieved that goal. How neat! He says, "I know this
vision is premature as you focus on your mission but I can promise you
that through faithful and diligent service, you are laying a
foundation for an eternal family. I will always be grateful for the
decision I made to serve a mission and my life continues to be blessed
as a result."

Faith and DILIGENCE :)

Monday, December 21, 2015

happy. merry. genki. lovely. samui. yummy.

WOWWWW what things are getting real. Seriously unbelievable...parks it just doenst feel real does it?? Also it doesnt seem real that Christmas is here. Things have been crazy here and sitting here emailing and reading about what life really is is like..weird haha. That makes no sense but FLIP you chumps are finally getting married! When i think about skyping I just honestly get freaked out. Im meeting a new brother haha WEIRD. I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about it WHY i dont know. But really. So happy the day has finally come. Shay its crazy that you and Julia are getting married at the same time, ne? funny. MOM stop being so cute! That pic of you and shay at the bridal shower killed me. You are an angel, you and dad are like not real anymore...its like life back home was all a dream. So today as I realized that we get to skype in a few days, it made me very anxious to hear your voice again! :)

THere probably is no way that me and park could skype at the same time huh? Ill see you guys in 5 weeks so i would love to hear all about park and how he is doing, hear his voice. Parks I think about you a ton, you give me a ton of motivation. Your genkiness is out of this world and I want to be more like you- so good to your companions and so friendly. Your light is contagious! EVen to me! I love you, keep doing your thing. Remember that others are watching you all the time. You are a disciple and representative of Christ 24/7!

Well, I feel too much gratitude and love lately. I feel like I dont deserve what we have received. I literally feel like there is a new light, like a switch went off and the world is bright and happy again.

"Where can i turn for peace, where is my solace? When other sources cease to make me whole? When with a wounded heart, anger, or malice. I draw myself apart searching my soul. Where, when my aching grows, where, when I languish, where, in my need to know, where can I run? Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish? Who, who can understand? He, only One."

We cannot see Christ now, we cannot talk directly to Him now, but there are servants and people that love Him and want to mirror his works and love. As a representative of Him, we are always trying our best to focus on what Christ would do and how HE would do it. I had to be on the other side of things and needed the help of other representatives of Christ to lift me, to show His love. I activated the Power of the Atonement in a way I had forgotten that I could. Through the priesthood power and light of Christ, I was able to become whole. Never forget how much good you are doing- we are apart of Gods family- we are part of Christs family. I will accept this gift, and take His name upon me as a daughter of God. 3 Ne. 11-4 Ne. are. the. best. Please read and I know you will recognize the love Christ has for YOU.

ANYWAY sorry but GUYS. guys. This week has been the BEST. Literally so so so so soooooo good. We dropped off companions on Tuesday (and also had to say goodbye to Kittaka, it was the last time me, kittaka and humphreys would all be together. we cried. i love them) and went to the honbu for trainers training. During the meeting, Prez Ishii found out that the snow was so crazy in Utah that the beans flight was delayed. Ill explain during SKYPE but long story short, the beans stayed in a Hotel in Tokyo, and we got to stay in the Honbu! A few of us ate lunch with Ishii Shimai and got to hang out with her and Prez Ishii for a couple days. It was SO FUN. They are truly my parents here, i love them so much. The beans finally came the next night (Elder Luke Passey was here, fun to see someone again from Heber!), we were not going to make it back in time for curfew, so we got to stay another night. BAH it was awesome. So much fun, and spiritual high just being in the mission home.

CUTE LITTLE BEAN is named Sister Shania Jacobson. (yes she was named after Shania Twain). She is from California, I got the only American sister, others were nihonjin. She is so nervous and shy and darling but has a ton of dendo fire, we have already seen a ton of miracles. Not kidding, bahh just finally feel like a missionary again and all I do these days and pray and thank Heavenly Father for the blessing of working as a missionary. And Im sorry this email is all about me. blah. But yesterday Hata san came to church! She said she had started reading the Book of Mormon...and it was she came to church to continue studying with us. ha. She has a lot of potential and we know that God wants her to feel His love. We are led to many people each day, and each person deserves to finally feel His love again. Its so fun to share that love and do our best to share Christs light with everyone that we can.

So much to tell, but a way cool scripture i read this week goes like this:

Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in Heaven.

The grace of Christ is so great, but we must show Christ that we are willing to follow Him. Christ desired only to do the Will of the FAther, and if we are willing to follow our SAviors example, we will do the same and continue to do the will of God.

love, sister wilcox. twim. waldo. whiterson jones.

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's the final transfer!!

GUYS!! Hahahaha you know in movies when someone is like depressed and
they flip through radio stations and a bunch of depressing songs keep
playing. Well in my mind a bunch of HAPPY songs keep popping up (for
🎶And at last I see the liiiiight and its like the fog has lifted!
🎶We say yes, yes, yes to happiness!
🎶I'm looking at the man in the mirror, oooh oooh
🎶Cha-Ching can you hear it ring? Cha-Ching. It makes you wanna
sing. Ch-Ching
🎶looking in your eyes I see a pair of dice...anyway you get the idea)
and it's sooo great and I feel HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and
bahhhh finally feel the happy spirit again and not just the sad like
everything-is-gonna-be-ok comforting spirit. Both are great..but hey.
Some cheerful heavenly love is a plus, ね?!

Transfer calls were Friday night 8-9pm. I was praying so hard so so so
hard to feel good about whatever happens. To understand the will of
God and to have a softened heart to desire to do whatever happened.
Including staying in the situation we were in.
Well at 8:55 I was literally biting my tongue trying not to cry
.... anyway 8:57 I was
doing the Wilcox family cheer in my heart when we got the call!
Yamaguchi Shimai is going to Fukuroi with the cuuuuutest sister, I
actually would love to be comps with this sister Stone. So she will
have a lot of fun. And mom I agree- Yamaguchi really does have the
cutest smile, a very happy, cute, contagious smile. :) I will be
training a new missionary! I was so hoping for a bean chan, this
transfer will be so great! We will be so blessed by her dendo Fire and
excitement and I really can't wait. :):):):) there are 3 new sisters,
2 are nihonjin! So we'll see what the Lord has planned. I know that
our Father has a special plan for everyone, however I also know that
he doesn't expect us to ask and ask and get all the answers. He wants
us to act and work and learn and grow. That's part of this mortal
test. I hope that I can use all He has trained me on from my mission
and apply it the very best I can these last 6 weeks; including making
decisions closest aligned to match His will, follow his example and be
exactly obedient in order to be led and blessed to the people we are
meant to serve. I. Can't. Wait. !!

(Mom- Bathhouse. Negative. Can't go. Bummer right? Haha bummer. get
it? Ya we'll just have to go together when we're old and yummy and
wrinkly. )

BUT HOW COOL IS IT that Nobuaki was here? And did a concert? And
flashed a bunch of pictures that I'd never seen before for all of
Kanazawa?! Haha it was so funny and SO HAPPY! That day was so good.
Wait wait first of all we finally were able to see Mayu again! She
said she still wants us to meet her friends and she still has a ton of
potential so that's super exciting! And today we were all over the
place, 山口姉妹 wanted to say bye to a bunch of people so we went to the
mall with Eri chan and while she was talking to Eri, I turned and
talked to the store clerk and she is DARLING and speaks pretty good
English, she worked at Disneyworld! So we exchanged numbers and are
planning on meeting next week. ALSO we had an FHE with some members
and Tokuyama, and an FHE with some members and Standage family that
were super successful and the work is moving along. Sorry this email
is all over the place, on cloud 9 and I want you to hear all the good
things happening here!
Anyway back to Super Saturday. So morning and afternoon was Christmas
Zone Conference. I learned so much, I feel like some switches in my
brain turned on that I've been trying to switch on for a long time-
about understanding a little more of Christ and His Atonement. The
more we study it, the more I want to know. And also the more I realize
how much I don't understand. After this conference, we were challenged
to ponder and figure out what we will give to Christ this Christmas.
I've been thinking of that question ever since. As cheesy as it
sounds, I want to give Him something that He truly wants. I'm still
trying to figure it out, but for now, from what I've studied and
prayed about, he simply wants us to follow Him. One of my goals this
transfer is to serve like He would serve, work like he would work, and
love like He would love. He was completely and perfectly selfish. I've
kept these lyrics in my mind as much as possible, hoping to be
reminded to always think about others, because isn't that what He
would do? Isn't that what he gave to you and I? His perfect love.

I'm trying to love my neighbor
I'm learning to serve my friends
I'm ill watch for the day of gladness when Jesus will come again
I'll try to remember the lessons he taught
When the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts saying

I'm trying to be like Jesus,
I'm following in his ways
I'm trying to love as he did in all that I do and say
At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice
But I try to listen as the still small voice whispers

Okay sorry this email is getting long. But right after the conference
ended, the ward missionary came up and said, "there's someone here who
wants to see you!!" And then Nobuaki pops out of the snow. Like
daisies! He got so tall! Haha I don't remember him being so tall. But
he was so nice it was so fun to talk to him in Japanese. My Japanese
is the worst but it was still so fun. He gave me the nicest present, a
plate with a Japanese painting on it and homemade lemon cake with a
really nice and picture from visiting our family years ago. Lots of
members and less actives and investigators came to the concert, as
well as president and sister Ishii and the Honbu staff. Toyama members
and investigators also came! It was just like a cute little family
reunion. :) He sang a lot of songs and told a lot of stories, a very
spiritual and uplifting night, so grateful to have been there. All the
missionaries sang with him, and before we went up he called me up on
the stage and showed some pictures of our family that I had never seen
before, Hahahah mom your hair!!! AHHAHAHAHAHA sorry. Anyway. It was so
neat. I hope people's hearts were touched, the spirit was there, it
was a special experience that I really will never forget.

I have so much more I want to say, but gotta run. When is Parker
skyping? I'll see you all soon enough, I'd love to hear all about
parkers mission and hear his voice! Could we Skype at the same time?
Also will Shaylee and Michael be there?

I love you! Have so much fun planning the last week of the wedding. It
sounds a little stressful but JUST ENJOY IT, ね?! ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No coincidences (Dec 6)

I called the Toyama sisters and they are contacting Ruri! That would
be so neat if she could come. Speaking of Ruri guess whaaaaaaaaat.
So last Monday when we started proselyting, we visited a PI who
quickly shut us down. Our inv appointment was also canceled. We prayed
to know where to go and what to do, we felt like we should visit a
member family. On our way, I looked up at an apartment building and
got a very distinct prompting to house. We started from floor 8,
worked our way down to floor 5. One lady actually came to the door
which was the first miracle ;), she said she had met with Mormon
missionaries 20ish years ago! She said she loved spending time with
them and would be happy if we came back to share a message with her.
Well as Yamaguchi Shimai pulls out a pass-along card, she gives her
the one with her family picture on it. (Do you know that one? The cute
little Japanese family, mom dad and daughter at a park? That's
yamaguchi and her parents! Cutest stinkin thing ever). Anyway she
NEVER gives those away, so even I was surprised. But the lady looks at
the card and says, "hey I know this lady! this was the missionary that
I met with years ago! Do you know her? Can I contact her?"
...Yamaguchi S burst into tears and said, "that's my mom! That's my
mom!" It was so crazy cool to see God lead us straight to her. She
said she probably has pictures with her and wants to show us.
Natsugashiiiii, ne?! I was thinking of Ruri the whole time. :)

Yesterday was a way special Sunday. I was so so grateful to have felt
the spirit. It was a very close-to-heaven kind of spirit. Yesterday
morning for fast Sunday, the missionaries and some ward members met at
the church at 7am and drove together to the top of the mountain. It
was soooo beautiful, looked just like Dutch Hollow. We all gathered
around in a cute little bamboo hut and had a testimony meeting and
prayer meeting. We were each able to bear testimony, and I had such a
great impression that Christ will soon come again, and we need to
prepare to meet God again. However, because this gospel is true, I
believe that most of Gods children will accept the Gospel. Whether in
this life or the life to come, once people open their hearts and take
the challenge, and desire to feel the spirit, God will not deny them
the opportunity. He has his arms outstretched and his angels working
to help us stay on the path or help those that are lost- find the
path. It's true. And once people will take the challenge and pray to
their father, he will answer what he is waiting to hear. Anyway that
morning was the perfect way to start our fast. So yes Testimony
meeting! Ahh the best meeting ever! Everyone bore sincere testimonies
of the Savior. So at the end, I turn around and see Jenny just crying
and crying. Jenny is from california, she is 24, teaching English here
and I LOVE HER. She reminds me so much of Shaylee. I was actually sad
because before the mtg, I didn't see her walk in. Anyway, we went over
to see what was wrong, and she had just found out that morning that
her dad had suddenly passed away. I was kneeling down next to her and
I hugged her and we just cried together. My heart hurt so bad for her.
I truly truly truly wanted to take the pain away, it was
heartbreaking! She was on her way out the door to come to church and
she got a call from her mom. Her mom is not a member, Her brother is
on a mission and is debating whether to come home or not and I think
her mom is struggling with that pretty bad. And Jenny is here in
Japan. :( she said she didn't know what else to do yesterday so she
just came to church. I was so proud of her, she said the only bit of
relief she would feel was comfort from the Savior, and what better
place than church? Her faith is incredible. We went with the stake
president and wife later to visit her and try to get her on a plane
home as fast as we could. She doesn't speak any Japanese, so I was so
glad to be there with her, having someone to mourn with is much
"easier" than suffering alone. This life is short, it is short. And
her reunion with her dad, and our reunion with our Heavenly Father
will be very soon.
We came home that night and Yamaguchi Shimai said that she knew the
plan of salvation was true before, just because she knew the church
was true. But she now has a firm belief that the plan is true. She
said she finally received a testimony that it is true. That is the
best thing to hear, a great gift we can give to our Savior. Our
commitment and belief in Gods plan and Christ's Atonement. I also know
it is true.
Parker, tell as many people as you can about it. Don't skip anyone,
don't miss any opportunities!! I love you gumby.
Love love love you, Sister Wilcox

Drops of Awesome (Nov 30)

Hi dawlings I'm so happy to hear from you! It is so so great to be
able to "talk" to you and hear how awesome you're doing. Some friends
emailed me this week and shared some neat missionary opportunities
they had, I love love loooooove that! I will be so sad to leave Japan,
I know it's going to end and I will miss everything about it. However
I'm excited to come home and see what else the Lord has in store, what
else He needs me to do. Like ..I'm really excited! haha Sister
Yamaguchi and I have been brainstorming about how we can help her
friends who haven't been baptized and see if we can't help them get
with the missionaries! Mom lets be VT comps, eh??
Parker, I can't believe you are talking about sweating at night, hot
weather sounds like a dream to me now! It's freeeeeeeeeezing haha last
night we slept in sweats and a hoodie, attached hand warmers to me
feet, and laid in my futon with a heater on my face until 10:30.
Yesterday, one family we are focusing on didn't make it to church, so
last night we visited them. It was so miserably cold, I just put on my
sweats under my skirt and took them off before we went in their house.
SO COLD haha. Will it ever get cold in Arj?
This week, my bucket was overflowing with drops of awesome. Such a
goooood week. We went on a companion exchange with sisters in Komatsu-
Sister Bascom and Sister Takaku. All four of us stayed in Komatsu, it
was so fun! We got there and made lunch together, and during the
prayer before we ate, I couldn't help but cry! My heart was so full,
the missionaries I'm surrounded by really are so special, I'm so
grateful to have friends that can push and support each other. Have
you seen the Mormon message "Hope of Gods Light", and Todd was invited
to a ward picnic? And someone wanted to pray over the hot dogs. During
that prayer, he felt something that was truly powerful and
overwhelming-- it was a hug, God was simply letting Todd know that He
was there and that He loved him. I felt the same way Todd did, over
and over again God has let me know how much he cares and how real He
is. I hope Sister Yamaguchi and I can help the people in Kanazawa also
feel the same feeling. Really can't describe it, can you? Takaku
Shimai is going home at the end of this transfer, just 2 more weeks!
So we all took turns saying something we love about her, and we all
did the Wilcox cheer :) (hbd dad)

We've been Wilcox cheering for Tokuyama San as well!! Holy coowwwwwww
listen to this sweet miracle. In our last lesson with her, her husband
was in and out. He lives in Tokyo for work, which is sad. But he was
super friendly, during our plan of salvation lesson, he sat on the
couch behind us and sat and listened for a while. I turned around and
said, "Sooo are you Christian?" He said, "No but you are the Mormons,
right? Yaaa I thought so, Mormons are always bright and happy." Whoa.
"Thanks! Ya sooo have you ever been to a Mormon church before?" "Ya I
actually met missionaries about 20 years ago and went to church for a
while. Also went with them to your Christmas party. But I needed money
so I got a part-time job and had to work Sunday's so I couldn't go to
church anymore." Whaaaaaaaaa???? Who is this miracle kinjin(golden)
family?? We invited them to attend church as a family the first week
of December! We are inviting everyone and their dog to church this
Sunday, it is going to be super special. The bishop wants it to be a
super spiritual meeting, the 6 missionaries here are calling all the
members and challenging them to bring a friend. The second hour of
church, the missionaries are doing a special lesson on Jesus Christ.
only fail if you don't invite. :) and you'll never ever ever regret
inviting. (Parker...lets get ready to ruuummmbbblleeeeee!)

Mayu chans test will be over on Tuesday finalllyyyyyy so we can start
meeting with her again. Also, everyone is prepping for Nobuakis
concert on Dec 12. Stooooked super stoked. That same day is the Zone
Christmas conference so it will be super fun and festive and spiritual
and just lovely dawling.

I read this quote from Elder Packers CES devotional, I must say this
week was definitely feeling the same way. "I have had an unquenchable
desire to bear testimony of the Father and of Jesus Christ." Any
chance I get, I want to speak up and add my witness that God lives and
Jesus Christ gave all of us a gift. The best gift ever. I know I don't
understand so much, but that's not what's important. I have felt the
spirit before, and I know it was Heavenly Father who sent the spirit
to touch my heart. I have a desire to return to live with God, and so
want others to know this as well. So I came on a mission to Japan for
a year and a half. Parker, you are so awesome. So much fire and love
and everything you need as a missionary. Have a sweet week BROSHKUM
and gumbies! Xoxox sister pillcox

Thanksgiving and poopy jazz (Nov 23)

We were going through former investigators' records and one said, "She
is super busy with work and school and all that poopy jazz."
PARKER! Take advantage of this sweet missionary time, it's precious
and it's short. Some people (wont throw you under the bus mom and
Shay) are reminding me every week when I am coming home and how
stinkin fun our reunion will be and whatnot, and as excited and
impatient as I am for that looooovely day, I also don't want to go
home to busy school and busy work and all that poopy jazz. It's a huge
huge blessing to be able to take time away from the world and just
focus on serving God by serving His children. I love it! There are
plenty of poopy jazz and smelly jelly things in the world, take
advantage of the tender mercies and beautiful miracles that come by
serving with all your heart. 最高だよ。(alsoooo Michaels sister-in-law
Kellie wrote me in Japanese! It was super fun, I can't wait to meet
them, they seem super cool. Do they have kids? I want nephews and
nieces, they might be the closest I can get haha, where do they live?.

BAAHH this week was so good! Dawlings guess what...we invited Ohara,
Kei San, Kanan, Tokuyama, and Mayu chan to be baptized. Everything in
the gospel relates which is super convenient, every investigator has
different needs and the spirit whispers different things. However all
of these people must make the first step in returning to Heavenly
Father and entering the Celestial Kingdom. We love love love these
investigators so much and want them to feel clean, to feel the
presence of the Holy Ghost always. We also want to exercise more faith
and do everything we can as set-apart missionaries. Anwhhhays they
feel they need more preparation and probably more personal experiences
to make the decision, however MAYU chan wants to get baptized!! She
was a former investigator, we called her and met her at her house. We
talked about Plan of Salvation, she said she wants to go to the
celestial kingdom. SWEEEEEET she'd love it there I think. So we set a
date with her, right after her birthday. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER, she is
15 years old, she texted us later and asked us to come over and
explain baptism to her mother. We are praying they her mothers heart
will be softened and she will let Mayu be baptized. AS WELL as want to
learn for herself. Mayu chan also has a twin sister who took lessons
in the past, we have soooo much faith that this whole family will be
baptized! Then go to the temple!! Then Mayu and Mami Chan will go on a
MISSION!!!!! ....but for now we'll focus on baptism, ne? :) Her date
is right after her birthday, Dec 6. And she just texted us and has a
test and is super busy to meet. So PLEASE pray that we can find a way
to meet with her. She is darling. (Walsh-- these girls were Oda's

This week, a member in the ward packed up her guitar, piano, and flute
and we went to the hospital with her to sing hymns and whatnot. It was
a very sweet experience, I don't know how to describe this hospital.
It was for very, very severe handicap people. People with no arms or
legs, people who were on the floor with their legs around their neck,
people with arms and legs that were centimeters wide, people with
bones that looked like they had 3 elbows-- I mean really, I have never
seen anything like it. There was honestly a reverent atmosphere, I'm
grateful that I experienced going there. I don't know why these people
were born like this, it almost doesn't seem fair. Maybe these people
are so incredibly humble, and they came to earth to let others learn
to serve and learn to love.

Yesterday was stake YW in excellence, Kanan chan doesn't want to get
baptized until she is 20, and wants to take a break from missionary
lessons so we invited her little sister and she came! And also TOYAMA
members came, it was THE BEST reunion ever. Susan, Inomata family,
Shimizu family, Sazaki family, bishops family, and also the stake
presidency whom I LOVE TO DEATH, they came over and talked to me and
were stoked that Nobuaki is coming and they were showing me pics, they
served together on their missions!! Everyone knows each other in Japan
haha it's so small.

Last week President Ishii had a meeting in Korea, so this week all the
ZLs and STLs had a phone conference with him. We discussed a lot of
things and established a lot of new rules. Basically, he was saying
that we are not normal people, we are missionaries. We should be
different and always be someone that the Lord can be with and use. One
being, from now on, no more kankei nai hanashi. Only talk about things
relating to the gospel and missionary work. This week, Sister
Yamaguchi and I really tried our best, and we had some really
spiritual lessons with members. One was in the car with the relief
society president as we were visiting less actives. We talked about
how noticeable God and His ministering angels are- if we do our part
and seek for the spirit, it really is noticeable. God is everywhere.
Christ's grace is sufficient for EVERYONE. Wouldn't it be fair that
the Spirit tries to help EVERYONE recognize God? I love the knowledge
that God will never give up on me. And He will never give up on you.
And Christ's grace and mercy is available whenever I have the desire
to be worthy to receive it. That's what I'm grateful for this
Thanksgiving. The Justice of God, to give me desire to escape the
natural man, and the mercy of Christ, to improve and mend by endless
flaws and cleanse my wounded spirit. I love Our Heavenly Father and
brother, Jesus Christ. ❤️

Last week on our comp exchange I called Ruri!! She was busy and
couldn't meet, so I will try again next time I go to Toyama. She said
she wanted to come to Kanazawa, but it is too far.

I love you so much!! I hope your week is super happy and I hope you
eat a lot of pumpkin pie and play a lot of football and all that poopy
Weerukokkusu Shimai

Blast from the past (Nov 16)

Thank you for your emails, I get so spoiled being the only one who
gets to read your emails, they're the BEST. Love you gumps.
SHAY YOU ARE AN ANGEL. You and Miguel are such a beautiful couple. I
loved seeing those temple pictures, too much happiness! Stop the
cuteness! Can't handle it.

Okay. Blast from the past, are you ready?
This week we had a companion exchange, and I was finally able to go
back to Toyama. I can't even explain the feelings I had there, it was
like I never left. We were able to visit so many people that I love so
much, one lady we used to meet with was free, we met her for lunch.
And we had great discussions and I invited her to take lessons from
the cute sisters serving in Toyama right now, and she said she would
love to. We left early that morning and visited Ikemoto! She was still
sleeping...haha whoops. But she answered the door and saw me and we
both screamed. Haha it was sooo fun to see her again and actually be
able to talk to her. She is so different that before, Sister would have died. She said she prays and reads
her scriptures still everyday and she loves Jesus Christ. It was so
neat, she has the spirit. The greatest gift ever. We left and while we
were headed to our next appointment, I just wept! I just cried, my
heart was so full. I was so grateful for my amazing trainer, who
worked so hard to help her reach the first step of salvation.
Our next appointment was with a girl from ARGENTINA! And the whole
lesson was in Spanish, the sister I was with speaks Spanish. Thought
of parks the whole time, Spanish is such a sweeeeeet language, Parker
you are a stud. We taught her how to pray, and she cried as she
prayed. The spirit is such a beautiful gift we have, I'm so grateful
to know what the love of God feels like. Recognizing the love of god
is so important!!

Last night I got a call from President Ishii. I wish I could call him
every night and just chat. Haha he is so amazing. He said that Nobuaki
called him! ....and told him that I was his student...? Haha Nobuaki
wants to come see me and do a fireside for other missionaries, so
President Ishii invited him to come do a fireside at our next zone
meeting! How fun will that be??? I have literally tried to set this up
in all my areas, but it's just never worked out. So I'm glad he took
the initiative. Haha.

Blasting some our Zone conference this week I did training
on working more with members. At one point, we were talking about
being more genki, happy and always smiling, making the members feel
loved. So I had everyone close their eyes and smile to their full
potential. I told them that my dad would always make us do that when
we were mad. :) it was the funniest thing EVER I wish I would have
filmed it.
Also, have you seen the new jelly belly game? There are 9 colors, but
18 flavors. One is good, one is bad. For example: coconut, or baby
wipes? Peach, or puke? Licorice, or skunk spray? Haha so we played
that with the zone. In trying to increase our faith, we are inviting
more people to baptism in the first lesson. From a couple months ago
until now, we increased from 7% to 75%! How cool is that? So proud of
everyone. :) So, now in order to increase our approach and way of
asking so that people can feel the spirit and desire to be baptized,
we related it to the jelly bellies. Some invites look good, but are
bitter. The spirit is not there. Anyway, it reminded me of our secret
code. And how holly Hansen only asked us once haha.

We had a meeting with the 6 missionaries, bishop, and ward mission
leader one night. We talked about some things we want to do this
transfer and the needs of the members. At the end, the Bishop said
something that I've been thinking a lot about. He said that we had
moved into the ward, and we are the strongest members in that ward. We
have the power and authority of God, and we are here to serve with all
our hearts. He told us he needs us, he needs us to bring the spirit
into the hearts of the members. I thought it was so profound, and I
want to live up to what he said. Parker, think like that in all your
wards. You are a member, and people will need YOU. Your light and your
love. Always lift others, church is one of the best times of the week,
take advantage when all the members are there toghether, it really is
a special time. I love to worship the Savior with the wonderful people

We met with Ohara and Kei San this week. Their granddaughter just got
back from a MISSION to Sapporo, and they are interested in
specifically the Plan of Salvation. And also why their granddaughter
went on a mission. Please keep them in your prayers! How neat for
their family if they choose to be baptized. ❤️❤️

I'm out of time, I love you so much. Another past blast--- remember
when we bought a mattress and hooked it to the top of the car and just
held on to it...and it flew off the top??? Hahahaha saw that happen
this week, what were we thinking? Hahaha

I love you so much! So so much. It's also sooo crazy and pasty blasty
to serve with Elder Orton. Last night we were eating with members, and
they thought it was so crazy that we knew each other. Elder Orton told
them that my mom was so cool and then we talked about how cool my mom
is for a solid 10 minutes. ;) I didn't know he'd been to our house! I
found pictures from parkers farewell and dances, and he said 'yep, I
was there. Yep I was there' haha
Love you!!!! Xoxoxoxo

Crazy good (Nov 1)

I spent time writing the xmas letter so no time. But this week was the
BEST and life is getting crazy!
Sooooooo soooooo many moments this week where my heart felt like it
was going to explode with the spirit. Too much happiness. I'm a little
nervous that something might happen that is not so happy cuz I feel
like cline Shimai and I were abnormally happy this week haha.
Real fastttttt
GUESS WHAT?!?! I'm transferring. I was shocked. But I'm transferring
to KANAZAWA! I was in Kanazawa zone as a bean. And I will still be STL
in Kanazawa. you know what that means? I'll tell you what
that means. I get to do comp exchanges in TOYAMA. Do you know what
that means? I'll tell you what that means. I get to see RURI
AGAIN!!!!!!! I wasn't going to tell you and just surprise you with a
picture or something but bleehhhhhh I'm not good at keeping secrets.
BAKKEHEIDUWNSKDOSUNS mom can yo believe it????? Haha Humphreys Shimai
and I were laughing...we have a really great relationship with
president Ishii. So I talk to him quite often, but Humphreys Shimai
asked him if we could be comps, and he put us in same zone as STLs
together. And I asked pres if I could go back to Toyama, and now I'll
be able to visit. Just little tender mercies here and there. :)
President Ishii called on transfer calls and said he would need to
call me later and explain how to help my new companion. She is
transfer 3, but apparently has not had a very good mission experience.
She has had 2 comps already and I guess did not get along great with
either of them. She has depression and I think is really struggling
right now. I remember seeing her before I picked up cline Shimai for
the first time and thinking "oh I hope she's my companion!" She had
such a great spirit about her and just looked so pure. She is Japanese
and doesn't speak any English. (Just what I heard).
#iforgothowtodothishwholenihonjinthing BUT despite how inadequate I
feel, I am so determined to 180 her mission mind. I know she will be
able to help me so much, I hope I can do the same for her. President
Daniels gave some great advice on planning SMART goals, and I am
excited to test it out and set goals to help my new companion, the new
ward, and new investigators. Also. Going back to one of the coldest
areas for winter. Yum. #letsdothis

Cline Shimai has been a heavenly companion. She's the genkiest person
I know and I will miss that. I know I'll look back on these days and
just cherish every bit of it. Oh. Ya almost forgot, flip I'm so proud
of her. Her next companion is her DOKI. which means they came to Japan
at the same time. Both transfer 3 Americans. Whaaaaa I would die. But
no doubt she will kill it! She always works with the spirit. My little
babies all grown up and saving Yapan. ;)

Bleh out of time. But this week we had a missionary music night, and
had inuyama missionaries with us. It was a HUGE success. :) we got
referrals and our investigators came and the spirit was so strong. I
don't know it you got all the vids, but it was so special. We sang I'm
trying to be like Jesus and I'll find you my friend. I was thinking of
nobuaki and Ruri. 💛
Lots of amazing lessons and meetings and bummed I can't tell you all
about it. I hope you are all so genki. Mom dad, I'm glad you
celebrated Halloween together and with miss Sarah. Tell her j love
her. This wards Halloween party was HUGE there were 130-140 people
there. So fun. This ward is seriously family. Couldn't be happier,
couldn't be sadder to leave. But trusting the Lord and trusting his
timing in everything.

This quote also explains my feelings and what I've been studying lately.
" I can live with some human imperfections, even among prophets of God
that is to be expected in mortal beings. I can live with some alleged
scientific findings contrary to the book of Mormon- time will correct
those. And I can live with some seeming historical anomalies, they are
minor in the total landscape of truth. but I cannot live without the
doctrinal truths and ordinances restored by Joseph Smith, I cannot
live without the peace of God to bless my family, and I cannot live
without knowing my wife and children are sealed to me for eternity.
That is the choice we face- a few unanswered questions on one hand,
versus a host of doctrinal certainties and the power of God on the