Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Drops of Awesome (Nov 30)

Hi dawlings I'm so happy to hear from you! It is so so great to be
able to "talk" to you and hear how awesome you're doing. Some friends
emailed me this week and shared some neat missionary opportunities
they had, I love love loooooove that! I will be so sad to leave Japan,
I know it's going to end and I will miss everything about it. However
I'm excited to come home and see what else the Lord has in store, what
else He needs me to do. Like ..I'm really excited! haha Sister
Yamaguchi and I have been brainstorming about how we can help her
friends who haven't been baptized and see if we can't help them get
with the missionaries! Mom lets be VT comps, eh??
Parker, I can't believe you are talking about sweating at night, hot
weather sounds like a dream to me now! It's freeeeeeeeeezing haha last
night we slept in sweats and a hoodie, attached hand warmers to me
feet, and laid in my futon with a heater on my face until 10:30.
Yesterday, one family we are focusing on didn't make it to church, so
last night we visited them. It was so miserably cold, I just put on my
sweats under my skirt and took them off before we went in their house.
SO COLD haha. Will it ever get cold in Arj?
This week, my bucket was overflowing with drops of awesome. Such a
goooood week. We went on a companion exchange with sisters in Komatsu-
Sister Bascom and Sister Takaku. All four of us stayed in Komatsu, it
was so fun! We got there and made lunch together, and during the
prayer before we ate, I couldn't help but cry! My heart was so full,
the missionaries I'm surrounded by really are so special, I'm so
grateful to have friends that can push and support each other. Have
you seen the Mormon message "Hope of Gods Light", and Todd was invited
to a ward picnic? And someone wanted to pray over the hot dogs. During
that prayer, he felt something that was truly powerful and
overwhelming-- it was a hug, God was simply letting Todd know that He
was there and that He loved him. I felt the same way Todd did, over
and over again God has let me know how much he cares and how real He
is. I hope Sister Yamaguchi and I can help the people in Kanazawa also
feel the same feeling. Really can't describe it, can you? Takaku
Shimai is going home at the end of this transfer, just 2 more weeks!
So we all took turns saying something we love about her, and we all
did the Wilcox cheer :) (hbd dad)

We've been Wilcox cheering for Tokuyama San as well!! Holy coowwwwwww
listen to this sweet miracle. In our last lesson with her, her husband
was in and out. He lives in Tokyo for work, which is sad. But he was
super friendly, during our plan of salvation lesson, he sat on the
couch behind us and sat and listened for a while. I turned around and
said, "Sooo are you Christian?" He said, "No but you are the Mormons,
right? Yaaa I thought so, Mormons are always bright and happy." Whoa.
"Thanks! Ya sooo have you ever been to a Mormon church before?" "Ya I
actually met missionaries about 20 years ago and went to church for a
while. Also went with them to your Christmas party. But I needed money
so I got a part-time job and had to work Sunday's so I couldn't go to
church anymore." Whaaaaaaaaa???? Who is this miracle kinjin(golden)
family?? We invited them to attend church as a family the first week
of December! We are inviting everyone and their dog to church this
Sunday, it is going to be super special. The bishop wants it to be a
super spiritual meeting, the 6 missionaries here are calling all the
members and challenging them to bring a friend. The second hour of
church, the missionaries are doing a special lesson on Jesus Christ.
only fail if you don't invite. :) and you'll never ever ever regret
inviting. (Parker...lets get ready to ruuummmbbblleeeeee!)

Mayu chans test will be over on Tuesday finalllyyyyyy so we can start
meeting with her again. Also, everyone is prepping for Nobuakis
concert on Dec 12. Stooooked super stoked. That same day is the Zone
Christmas conference so it will be super fun and festive and spiritual
and just lovely dawling.

I read this quote from Elder Packers CES devotional, I must say this
week was definitely feeling the same way. "I have had an unquenchable
desire to bear testimony of the Father and of Jesus Christ." Any
chance I get, I want to speak up and add my witness that God lives and
Jesus Christ gave all of us a gift. The best gift ever. I know I don't
understand so much, but that's not what's important. I have felt the
spirit before, and I know it was Heavenly Father who sent the spirit
to touch my heart. I have a desire to return to live with God, and so
want others to know this as well. So I came on a mission to Japan for
a year and a half. Parker, you are so awesome. So much fire and love
and everything you need as a missionary. Have a sweet week BROSHKUM
and gumbies! Xoxox sister pillcox

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