Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving and poopy jazz (Nov 23)

We were going through former investigators' records and one said, "She
is super busy with work and school and all that poopy jazz."
PARKER! Take advantage of this sweet missionary time, it's precious
and it's short. Some people (wont throw you under the bus mom and
Shay) are reminding me every week when I am coming home and how
stinkin fun our reunion will be and whatnot, and as excited and
impatient as I am for that looooovely day, I also don't want to go
home to busy school and busy work and all that poopy jazz. It's a huge
huge blessing to be able to take time away from the world and just
focus on serving God by serving His children. I love it! There are
plenty of poopy jazz and smelly jelly things in the world, take
advantage of the tender mercies and beautiful miracles that come by
serving with all your heart. 最高だよ。(alsoooo Michaels sister-in-law
Kellie wrote me in Japanese! It was super fun, I can't wait to meet
them, they seem super cool. Do they have kids? I want nephews and
nieces, they might be the closest I can get haha, where do they live?.

BAAHH this week was so good! Dawlings guess what...we invited Ohara,
Kei San, Kanan, Tokuyama, and Mayu chan to be baptized. Everything in
the gospel relates which is super convenient, every investigator has
different needs and the spirit whispers different things. However all
of these people must make the first step in returning to Heavenly
Father and entering the Celestial Kingdom. We love love love these
investigators so much and want them to feel clean, to feel the
presence of the Holy Ghost always. We also want to exercise more faith
and do everything we can as set-apart missionaries. Anwhhhays they
feel they need more preparation and probably more personal experiences
to make the decision, however MAYU chan wants to get baptized!! She
was a former investigator, we called her and met her at her house. We
talked about Plan of Salvation, she said she wants to go to the
celestial kingdom. SWEEEEEET she'd love it there I think. So we set a
date with her, right after her birthday. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER, she is
15 years old, she texted us later and asked us to come over and
explain baptism to her mother. We are praying they her mothers heart
will be softened and she will let Mayu be baptized. AS WELL as want to
learn for herself. Mayu chan also has a twin sister who took lessons
in the past, we have soooo much faith that this whole family will be
baptized! Then go to the temple!! Then Mayu and Mami Chan will go on a
MISSION!!!!! ....but for now we'll focus on baptism, ne? :) Her date
is right after her birthday, Dec 6. And she just texted us and has a
test and is super busy to meet. So PLEASE pray that we can find a way
to meet with her. She is darling. (Walsh-- these girls were Oda's

This week, a member in the ward packed up her guitar, piano, and flute
and we went to the hospital with her to sing hymns and whatnot. It was
a very sweet experience, I don't know how to describe this hospital.
It was for very, very severe handicap people. People with no arms or
legs, people who were on the floor with their legs around their neck,
people with arms and legs that were centimeters wide, people with
bones that looked like they had 3 elbows-- I mean really, I have never
seen anything like it. There was honestly a reverent atmosphere, I'm
grateful that I experienced going there. I don't know why these people
were born like this, it almost doesn't seem fair. Maybe these people
are so incredibly humble, and they came to earth to let others learn
to serve and learn to love.

Yesterday was stake YW in excellence, Kanan chan doesn't want to get
baptized until she is 20, and wants to take a break from missionary
lessons so we invited her little sister and she came! And also TOYAMA
members came, it was THE BEST reunion ever. Susan, Inomata family,
Shimizu family, Sazaki family, bishops family, and also the stake
presidency whom I LOVE TO DEATH, they came over and talked to me and
were stoked that Nobuaki is coming and they were showing me pics, they
served together on their missions!! Everyone knows each other in Japan
haha it's so small.

Last week President Ishii had a meeting in Korea, so this week all the
ZLs and STLs had a phone conference with him. We discussed a lot of
things and established a lot of new rules. Basically, he was saying
that we are not normal people, we are missionaries. We should be
different and always be someone that the Lord can be with and use. One
being, from now on, no more kankei nai hanashi. Only talk about things
relating to the gospel and missionary work. This week, Sister
Yamaguchi and I really tried our best, and we had some really
spiritual lessons with members. One was in the car with the relief
society president as we were visiting less actives. We talked about
how noticeable God and His ministering angels are- if we do our part
and seek for the spirit, it really is noticeable. God is everywhere.
Christ's grace is sufficient for EVERYONE. Wouldn't it be fair that
the Spirit tries to help EVERYONE recognize God? I love the knowledge
that God will never give up on me. And He will never give up on you.
And Christ's grace and mercy is available whenever I have the desire
to be worthy to receive it. That's what I'm grateful for this
Thanksgiving. The Justice of God, to give me desire to escape the
natural man, and the mercy of Christ, to improve and mend by endless
flaws and cleanse my wounded spirit. I love Our Heavenly Father and
brother, Jesus Christ. ❤️

Last week on our comp exchange I called Ruri!! She was busy and
couldn't meet, so I will try again next time I go to Toyama. She said
she wanted to come to Kanazawa, but it is too far.

I love you so much!! I hope your week is super happy and I hope you
eat a lot of pumpkin pie and play a lot of football and all that poopy
Weerukokkusu Shimai

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