Monday, December 14, 2015

It's the final transfer!!

GUYS!! Hahahaha you know in movies when someone is like depressed and
they flip through radio stations and a bunch of depressing songs keep
playing. Well in my mind a bunch of HAPPY songs keep popping up (for
🎶And at last I see the liiiiight and its like the fog has lifted!
🎶We say yes, yes, yes to happiness!
🎶I'm looking at the man in the mirror, oooh oooh
🎶Cha-Ching can you hear it ring? Cha-Ching. It makes you wanna
sing. Ch-Ching
🎶looking in your eyes I see a pair of dice...anyway you get the idea)
and it's sooo great and I feel HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and
bahhhh finally feel the happy spirit again and not just the sad like
everything-is-gonna-be-ok comforting spirit. Both are great..but hey.
Some cheerful heavenly love is a plus, ね?!

Transfer calls were Friday night 8-9pm. I was praying so hard so so so
hard to feel good about whatever happens. To understand the will of
God and to have a softened heart to desire to do whatever happened.
Including staying in the situation we were in.
Well at 8:55 I was literally biting my tongue trying not to cry
.... anyway 8:57 I was
doing the Wilcox family cheer in my heart when we got the call!
Yamaguchi Shimai is going to Fukuroi with the cuuuuutest sister, I
actually would love to be comps with this sister Stone. So she will
have a lot of fun. And mom I agree- Yamaguchi really does have the
cutest smile, a very happy, cute, contagious smile. :) I will be
training a new missionary! I was so hoping for a bean chan, this
transfer will be so great! We will be so blessed by her dendo Fire and
excitement and I really can't wait. :):):):) there are 3 new sisters,
2 are nihonjin! So we'll see what the Lord has planned. I know that
our Father has a special plan for everyone, however I also know that
he doesn't expect us to ask and ask and get all the answers. He wants
us to act and work and learn and grow. That's part of this mortal
test. I hope that I can use all He has trained me on from my mission
and apply it the very best I can these last 6 weeks; including making
decisions closest aligned to match His will, follow his example and be
exactly obedient in order to be led and blessed to the people we are
meant to serve. I. Can't. Wait. !!

(Mom- Bathhouse. Negative. Can't go. Bummer right? Haha bummer. get
it? Ya we'll just have to go together when we're old and yummy and
wrinkly. )

BUT HOW COOL IS IT that Nobuaki was here? And did a concert? And
flashed a bunch of pictures that I'd never seen before for all of
Kanazawa?! Haha it was so funny and SO HAPPY! That day was so good.
Wait wait first of all we finally were able to see Mayu again! She
said she still wants us to meet her friends and she still has a ton of
potential so that's super exciting! And today we were all over the
place, 山口姉妹 wanted to say bye to a bunch of people so we went to the
mall with Eri chan and while she was talking to Eri, I turned and
talked to the store clerk and she is DARLING and speaks pretty good
English, she worked at Disneyworld! So we exchanged numbers and are
planning on meeting next week. ALSO we had an FHE with some members
and Tokuyama, and an FHE with some members and Standage family that
were super successful and the work is moving along. Sorry this email
is all over the place, on cloud 9 and I want you to hear all the good
things happening here!
Anyway back to Super Saturday. So morning and afternoon was Christmas
Zone Conference. I learned so much, I feel like some switches in my
brain turned on that I've been trying to switch on for a long time-
about understanding a little more of Christ and His Atonement. The
more we study it, the more I want to know. And also the more I realize
how much I don't understand. After this conference, we were challenged
to ponder and figure out what we will give to Christ this Christmas.
I've been thinking of that question ever since. As cheesy as it
sounds, I want to give Him something that He truly wants. I'm still
trying to figure it out, but for now, from what I've studied and
prayed about, he simply wants us to follow Him. One of my goals this
transfer is to serve like He would serve, work like he would work, and
love like He would love. He was completely and perfectly selfish. I've
kept these lyrics in my mind as much as possible, hoping to be
reminded to always think about others, because isn't that what He
would do? Isn't that what he gave to you and I? His perfect love.

I'm trying to love my neighbor
I'm learning to serve my friends
I'm ill watch for the day of gladness when Jesus will come again
I'll try to remember the lessons he taught
When the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts saying

I'm trying to be like Jesus,
I'm following in his ways
I'm trying to love as he did in all that I do and say
At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice
But I try to listen as the still small voice whispers

Okay sorry this email is getting long. But right after the conference
ended, the ward missionary came up and said, "there's someone here who
wants to see you!!" And then Nobuaki pops out of the snow. Like
daisies! He got so tall! Haha I don't remember him being so tall. But
he was so nice it was so fun to talk to him in Japanese. My Japanese
is the worst but it was still so fun. He gave me the nicest present, a
plate with a Japanese painting on it and homemade lemon cake with a
really nice and picture from visiting our family years ago. Lots of
members and less actives and investigators came to the concert, as
well as president and sister Ishii and the Honbu staff. Toyama members
and investigators also came! It was just like a cute little family
reunion. :) He sang a lot of songs and told a lot of stories, a very
spiritual and uplifting night, so grateful to have been there. All the
missionaries sang with him, and before we went up he called me up on
the stage and showed some pictures of our family that I had never seen
before, Hahahah mom your hair!!! AHHAHAHAHAHA sorry. Anyway. It was so
neat. I hope people's hearts were touched, the spirit was there, it
was a special experience that I really will never forget.

I have so much more I want to say, but gotta run. When is Parker
skyping? I'll see you all soon enough, I'd love to hear all about
parkers mission and hear his voice! Could we Skype at the same time?
Also will Shaylee and Michael be there?

I love you! Have so much fun planning the last week of the wedding. It
sounds a little stressful but JUST ENJOY IT, ね?! ;)

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