Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No coincidences (Dec 6)

I called the Toyama sisters and they are contacting Ruri! That would
be so neat if she could come. Speaking of Ruri guess whaaaaaaaaat.
So last Monday when we started proselyting, we visited a PI who
quickly shut us down. Our inv appointment was also canceled. We prayed
to know where to go and what to do, we felt like we should visit a
member family. On our way, I looked up at an apartment building and
got a very distinct prompting to house. We started from floor 8,
worked our way down to floor 5. One lady actually came to the door
which was the first miracle ;), she said she had met with Mormon
missionaries 20ish years ago! She said she loved spending time with
them and would be happy if we came back to share a message with her.
Well as Yamaguchi Shimai pulls out a pass-along card, she gives her
the one with her family picture on it. (Do you know that one? The cute
little Japanese family, mom dad and daughter at a park? That's
yamaguchi and her parents! Cutest stinkin thing ever). Anyway she
NEVER gives those away, so even I was surprised. But the lady looks at
the card and says, "hey I know this lady! this was the missionary that
I met with years ago! Do you know her? Can I contact her?"
...Yamaguchi S burst into tears and said, "that's my mom! That's my
mom!" It was so crazy cool to see God lead us straight to her. She
said she probably has pictures with her and wants to show us.
Natsugashiiiii, ne?! I was thinking of Ruri the whole time. :)

Yesterday was a way special Sunday. I was so so grateful to have felt
the spirit. It was a very close-to-heaven kind of spirit. Yesterday
morning for fast Sunday, the missionaries and some ward members met at
the church at 7am and drove together to the top of the mountain. It
was soooo beautiful, looked just like Dutch Hollow. We all gathered
around in a cute little bamboo hut and had a testimony meeting and
prayer meeting. We were each able to bear testimony, and I had such a
great impression that Christ will soon come again, and we need to
prepare to meet God again. However, because this gospel is true, I
believe that most of Gods children will accept the Gospel. Whether in
this life or the life to come, once people open their hearts and take
the challenge, and desire to feel the spirit, God will not deny them
the opportunity. He has his arms outstretched and his angels working
to help us stay on the path or help those that are lost- find the
path. It's true. And once people will take the challenge and pray to
their father, he will answer what he is waiting to hear. Anyway that
morning was the perfect way to start our fast. So yes Testimony
meeting! Ahh the best meeting ever! Everyone bore sincere testimonies
of the Savior. So at the end, I turn around and see Jenny just crying
and crying. Jenny is from california, she is 24, teaching English here
and I LOVE HER. She reminds me so much of Shaylee. I was actually sad
because before the mtg, I didn't see her walk in. Anyway, we went over
to see what was wrong, and she had just found out that morning that
her dad had suddenly passed away. I was kneeling down next to her and
I hugged her and we just cried together. My heart hurt so bad for her.
I truly truly truly wanted to take the pain away, it was
heartbreaking! She was on her way out the door to come to church and
she got a call from her mom. Her mom is not a member, Her brother is
on a mission and is debating whether to come home or not and I think
her mom is struggling with that pretty bad. And Jenny is here in
Japan. :( she said she didn't know what else to do yesterday so she
just came to church. I was so proud of her, she said the only bit of
relief she would feel was comfort from the Savior, and what better
place than church? Her faith is incredible. We went with the stake
president and wife later to visit her and try to get her on a plane
home as fast as we could. She doesn't speak any Japanese, so I was so
glad to be there with her, having someone to mourn with is much
"easier" than suffering alone. This life is short, it is short. And
her reunion with her dad, and our reunion with our Heavenly Father
will be very soon.
We came home that night and Yamaguchi Shimai said that she knew the
plan of salvation was true before, just because she knew the church
was true. But she now has a firm belief that the plan is true. She
said she finally received a testimony that it is true. That is the
best thing to hear, a great gift we can give to our Savior. Our
commitment and belief in Gods plan and Christ's Atonement. I also know
it is true.
Parker, tell as many people as you can about it. Don't skip anyone,
don't miss any opportunities!! I love you gumby.
Love love love you, Sister Wilcox

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