Monday, December 21, 2015

happy. merry. genki. lovely. samui. yummy.

WOWWWW what things are getting real. Seriously unbelievable...parks it just doenst feel real does it?? Also it doesnt seem real that Christmas is here. Things have been crazy here and sitting here emailing and reading about what life really is is like..weird haha. That makes no sense but FLIP you chumps are finally getting married! When i think about skyping I just honestly get freaked out. Im meeting a new brother haha WEIRD. I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about it WHY i dont know. But really. So happy the day has finally come. Shay its crazy that you and Julia are getting married at the same time, ne? funny. MOM stop being so cute! That pic of you and shay at the bridal shower killed me. You are an angel, you and dad are like not real anymore...its like life back home was all a dream. So today as I realized that we get to skype in a few days, it made me very anxious to hear your voice again! :)

THere probably is no way that me and park could skype at the same time huh? Ill see you guys in 5 weeks so i would love to hear all about park and how he is doing, hear his voice. Parks I think about you a ton, you give me a ton of motivation. Your genkiness is out of this world and I want to be more like you- so good to your companions and so friendly. Your light is contagious! EVen to me! I love you, keep doing your thing. Remember that others are watching you all the time. You are a disciple and representative of Christ 24/7!

Well, I feel too much gratitude and love lately. I feel like I dont deserve what we have received. I literally feel like there is a new light, like a switch went off and the world is bright and happy again.

"Where can i turn for peace, where is my solace? When other sources cease to make me whole? When with a wounded heart, anger, or malice. I draw myself apart searching my soul. Where, when my aching grows, where, when I languish, where, in my need to know, where can I run? Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish? Who, who can understand? He, only One."

We cannot see Christ now, we cannot talk directly to Him now, but there are servants and people that love Him and want to mirror his works and love. As a representative of Him, we are always trying our best to focus on what Christ would do and how HE would do it. I had to be on the other side of things and needed the help of other representatives of Christ to lift me, to show His love. I activated the Power of the Atonement in a way I had forgotten that I could. Through the priesthood power and light of Christ, I was able to become whole. Never forget how much good you are doing- we are apart of Gods family- we are part of Christs family. I will accept this gift, and take His name upon me as a daughter of God. 3 Ne. 11-4 Ne. are. the. best. Please read and I know you will recognize the love Christ has for YOU.

ANYWAY sorry but GUYS. guys. This week has been the BEST. Literally so so so so soooooo good. We dropped off companions on Tuesday (and also had to say goodbye to Kittaka, it was the last time me, kittaka and humphreys would all be together. we cried. i love them) and went to the honbu for trainers training. During the meeting, Prez Ishii found out that the snow was so crazy in Utah that the beans flight was delayed. Ill explain during SKYPE but long story short, the beans stayed in a Hotel in Tokyo, and we got to stay in the Honbu! A few of us ate lunch with Ishii Shimai and got to hang out with her and Prez Ishii for a couple days. It was SO FUN. They are truly my parents here, i love them so much. The beans finally came the next night (Elder Luke Passey was here, fun to see someone again from Heber!), we were not going to make it back in time for curfew, so we got to stay another night. BAH it was awesome. So much fun, and spiritual high just being in the mission home.

CUTE LITTLE BEAN is named Sister Shania Jacobson. (yes she was named after Shania Twain). She is from California, I got the only American sister, others were nihonjin. She is so nervous and shy and darling but has a ton of dendo fire, we have already seen a ton of miracles. Not kidding, bahh just finally feel like a missionary again and all I do these days and pray and thank Heavenly Father for the blessing of working as a missionary. And Im sorry this email is all about me. blah. But yesterday Hata san came to church! She said she had started reading the Book of Mormon...and it was she came to church to continue studying with us. ha. She has a lot of potential and we know that God wants her to feel His love. We are led to many people each day, and each person deserves to finally feel His love again. Its so fun to share that love and do our best to share Christs light with everyone that we can.

So much to tell, but a way cool scripture i read this week goes like this:

Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in Heaven.

The grace of Christ is so great, but we must show Christ that we are willing to follow Him. Christ desired only to do the Will of the FAther, and if we are willing to follow our SAviors example, we will do the same and continue to do the will of God.

love, sister wilcox. twim. waldo. whiterson jones.

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