Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy good (Nov 1)

I spent time writing the xmas letter so no time. But this week was the
BEST and life is getting crazy!
Sooooooo soooooo many moments this week where my heart felt like it
was going to explode with the spirit. Too much happiness. I'm a little
nervous that something might happen that is not so happy cuz I feel
like cline Shimai and I were abnormally happy this week haha.
Real fastttttt
GUESS WHAT?!?! I'm transferring. I was shocked. But I'm transferring
to KANAZAWA! I was in Kanazawa zone as a bean. And I will still be STL
in Kanazawa. Sooo....do you know what that means? I'll tell you what
that means. I get to do comp exchanges in TOYAMA. Do you know what
that means? I'll tell you what that means. I get to see RURI
AGAIN!!!!!!! I wasn't going to tell you and just surprise you with a
picture or something but bleehhhhhh I'm not good at keeping secrets.
BAKKEHEIDUWNSKDOSUNS mom can yo believe it????? Haha Humphreys Shimai
and I were laughing...we have a really great relationship with
president Ishii. So I talk to him quite often, but Humphreys Shimai
asked him if we could be comps, and he put us in same zone as STLs
together. And I asked pres if I could go back to Toyama, and now I'll
be able to visit. Just little tender mercies here and there. :)
President Ishii called on transfer calls and said he would need to
call me later and explain how to help my new companion. She is
transfer 3, but apparently has not had a very good mission experience.
She has had 2 comps already and I guess did not get along great with
either of them. She has depression and I think is really struggling
right now. I remember seeing her before I picked up cline Shimai for
the first time and thinking "oh I hope she's my companion!" She had
such a great spirit about her and just looked so pure. She is Japanese
and doesn't speak any English. (Just what I heard).
#iforgothowtodothishwholenihonjinthing BUT despite how inadequate I
feel, I am so determined to 180 her mission mind. I know she will be
able to help me so much, I hope I can do the same for her. President
Daniels gave some great advice on planning SMART goals, and I am
excited to test it out and set goals to help my new companion, the new
ward, and new investigators. Also. Going back to one of the coldest
areas for winter. Yum. #letsdothis

Cline Shimai has been a heavenly companion. She's the genkiest person
I know and I will miss that. I know I'll look back on these days and
just cherish every bit of it. Oh. Ya almost forgot, flip I'm so proud
of her. Her next companion is her DOKI. which means they came to Japan
at the same time. Both transfer 3 Americans. Whaaaaa I would die. But
no doubt she will kill it! She always works with the spirit. My little
babies all grown up and saving Yapan. ;)

Bleh out of time. But this week we had a missionary music night, and
had inuyama missionaries with us. It was a HUGE success. :) we got
referrals and our investigators came and the spirit was so strong. I
don't know it you got all the vids, but it was so special. We sang I'm
trying to be like Jesus and I'll find you my friend. I was thinking of
nobuaki and Ruri. 💛
Lots of amazing lessons and meetings and bummed I can't tell you all
about it. I hope you are all so genki. Mom dad, I'm glad you
celebrated Halloween together and with miss Sarah. Tell her j love
her. This wards Halloween party was HUGE there were 130-140 people
there. So fun. This ward is seriously family. Couldn't be happier,
couldn't be sadder to leave. But trusting the Lord and trusting his
timing in everything.

This quote also explains my feelings and what I've been studying lately.
" I can live with some human imperfections, even among prophets of God
that is to be expected in mortal beings. I can live with some alleged
scientific findings contrary to the book of Mormon- time will correct
those. And I can live with some seeming historical anomalies, they are
minor in the total landscape of truth. but I cannot live without the
doctrinal truths and ordinances restored by Joseph Smith, I cannot
live without the peace of God to bless my family, and I cannot live
without knowing my wife and children are sealed to me for eternity.
That is the choice we face- a few unanswered questions on one hand,
versus a host of doctrinal certainties and the power of God on the

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