Monday, July 20, 2015

Train Dendo (From Jul 12, 2015)

Itssss a sweaty day in the neighborhood, a sweaty day for a
neighbor....GUYS ITS SO HOT HERE. It's super yummy how everyone
carries rags with them and is wiping sweat from every part of the body
cuz the dripping is no fun. Humidity is real and breathing is
difficult buttttt, the work is still progressing and this week was so

We finally got to meet our new mission president and his wife, they
are so sweet. So so sweet. I shook his hand for the first time and he
said "I love you" and I said "Thank you". Haha whoops. But he loves to
make jokes and laugh, and he has the sweetest spirit about him. I'm
very excited to learn from him and soak up all the time I can with
him. He was definitely called from Heavenly Father to preside over our
I think you might be seeing "Down by the banks" videos more than you'd
like, but it's kind of become my new way of dendo ...haha. On the way
to Nagoya to meet the mish prez, we were sitting next to these people
on the train who looked just as bored as we were. I woke up my comp
and started playing down by the banks with her. I looked over after
playing and asked them if they've ever played, and asked them to play
with us. We had so much fun, and they seemed so happy to be included.
So on the way back home, we were traveling with other missionaries,
and there were these four business men sitting next to us. I grabbed
the other missionaries and played a round, then asked the people
sitting next to us to play. They wouldn't, buuuut I stood up and
grabbed their hands and we played! Haha the man in the blue joined us
later and actually became an investigator!! He followed us off the
train and talked to us for a long time. We showed him the "Because Of
Him" video, and it was so fun.

I have so much more to tell you, but I'm out of time. This week keep
Aiko in your prayers! We had an amazing lesson with her this week, and
she is so close! I hope you know that I am cheering for you and I
love you. I'm so proud of you, and think about you all the time. :)
this gospel is GOOD and Christ lives. I love Him. Park, so so so proud
of you. Send me your MTC address, I have a letter for you! Love you,
Sister Wilcox

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