Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prove Faithful (email from April 26, 2015)

Sounds like you had a great week, welcome home BEN KATZ! (And Gigi
looks so good! So happy to see her up and walking again.) Wow time is
flying! How fun, how fun! Ahh do you have so much dendo Fire with Ben
coming home and Parker getting his call? Love MISSIONS! Serving with
the Lord is the best thing we can be doing in this mortal life.
Serving with Him, i have seen His light in others, I have seen His
hand in the little details of our lives, I have recognized my
weaknesses. I have realized what I want to become like, and it is so
much easier to let the Lord help us grow and change rather than facing
life on our own. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit guide.

We actually had quite a lot of disappointment this week. Our most
progressing investigator dropped us, because the 30/30 program ended.
:( it was a tough pill to swallow. We saw so much potential and
progression in her. We left her with a Book of Mormon with a members
testimony inside. I know she will accept the gospel on earth one day.
Maybe she just needs time and more personal experiences with the
spirit. Grateful for faith and hope.
We have kind of started back on ground 0. Back to full time finding.
We also are focusing on less-actives, and I think the spirit is
reaching out to these less-actives- the Lord truly goes before and
after us. We sat by Kobayashi obaachan at church, she also brought her
daughter. :) love love her. Sugita 姉妹 is okay with us visiting her
with the relief society president, which is a huge step for her!

We had two wonderful miracles this week I want to tell you about! A
couple weeks ago, we were on our way home and across the street I saw
a girl with the strongest impression to go talk to her. My comp had
biked ahead, but I knew the impression was directly from God. I
stopped her, told her her hair was cute, and we talked. For about 10
minutes we had the most real conversation I've ever had on my mission.
Her friends are Christian and she has always been interested in Christ
and different religions! She is engaged to be married, ahh she was
just so cute and we had so much fun talking. It was disappointing at
the end when I asked to exchange numbers, and she wasn't up for it.
But I gave her our number and that was it. Sadly to say I didn't have
much hope that she would call. ..well she CALLED. and we went to
dinner with her. She asked so many good questions about our church and
it was so easy to be real with her, to be passionate about this
church, our Savior, and Heavenly Father that I love! We have so much
faith in her! Please pray for Satomi San. :).
Last night we met with eternal investigator Nakayama San. She is so
sweet, when you all come to Japan, I'd love you to meet her. :) well
last night she asked us if she could bring her friend and have us
teach her! Ahh yes PLEASE how awesome is that?? She said her friend is
interested in religion and she wants her friend to feel the same
things that she feels when we teach her. What a miracle, I hope her
friend can also feel the spirit. It is such a sweet feeling. Pure love
and light and joy!

Children God delights to teach you.
By His holy spirits voice.
Quickly heed its holy promptings
Day by day you'll then rejoice. Oh, prove faithful! Oh, prove faithful.
To your God and Zions cause.

I love you all so much, I know Heavenly Father knows you and loves
you. He lives. And we will see Him soon. Prove faithful, we must not
give in to temptations! We have the greatest power on earth to
overcome the devil. We can do it with the Savior very near.
I love you I love you!!!
love sister Wilcox
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