Thursday, June 4, 2015

Harvest! (email from May 31, 2015)


Parker P-dizzle you are graduated! Time is FLYING, and I have been so excited to tell you about this past week. You are going to LOVE your mission.
This week was so crazy busy but crazy awesome. I feel uplifted by the Lord and the Spirit everyday, and I am so grateful to be His missionary right now. I know that He is no stranger to His servant, and Park as you get ready to leave on your mission, you will start to understand the Plan more clearly than ever before.

This week, Sister Smith and I wanted to really set goals that would test our faith and push us. We chose one goal from the standards of excellence- find a new investigator everyday- and we prayed and fasted and worked to accomplish this goal. Everyday, with the guidance from the spirit, we found a new investigator. This has never happened on my mission, and we truly felt led by the spirit of the Lord everyday. Ahhh it was so fun and sooo incredible. One night, we went to a members house, Iwano Shimai. okay. i love this woman. She is the strongest lady ive ever met, an awesome missionary and so solid. Her husband and 2 children have not been baptized, she was less active when she got married. But i think especially lately, she has been desperate to have her family know the blessings of the gospel. Missionaries for years have been trying to work with the dad and become friends with him, but his heart has not been open. Wellllll one night we were at her house, and she said the next time her husband is home to invite him to take the missionary lessons. I thought, `okay perfect! she wants her husband to hear the gospel, and we have time to pray and prepare to ask him to take lessons.` Just then the dad and daughter came home. They came and knelt around the table with us and he started drinking his beer and chatting with us. Okay i will try to explain this the best i can, but it happened so fast and was sooo stressful haha it was craazzzzyyyy. The mom looks at me, and in english she whispers under her breath `ask him now. NOW ask him now!` like literally kicking me under the table. I said a prayer and opened my mouth. We asked him, at first he was hesitant, but eventually agreed to listen to our message. WHAHAAAA so happy! Please pray for him! We will be teaching their whole family, our first lesson is on my birthday! whooooot. Im so grateful that Iwano Shimai trusts us to teach her husband, and especially that the Lord trusts us.
BAHH i have to go but one more..
This week we called an FI, Jessica, she is from Phillipinnes. We met with her for the first time, talked with her for more than 3 hours! And she agreed to be baptized! Incredible! It is so fun to teach her, she loves Christ and has a huge desire to follow Him. ...just a little different than most of our investigators here. :). But thats why I was thinking about you so much this week, park. It will be soooo FUN and amazing to teach people that have a desire to follow Christ and have more of a desire to listen to your message. Im so so excited for you!
From what we learned in ZTM this week, the time for planting seeds is over. People have been planting seeds for hundreds of years. It is written all over the scriptures the field is white all ready to harvest. The world is READY! We are here and serving and HARVESTING. Work, serve, love, and reap the fruits. Joseph Smith is ready to see the fruits. The Lord is ready. Let us serve and keep enduring to the end. Missionary work is part of enduring to the end! It is my duty, it is yours. LEts be faithful to our covenants and to our Savior! I love Him!
Love you so much, more deets next week. love love love you!
Love, Sister Wilcox

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