Thursday, June 4, 2015

LIGHT (email from April 12, 2015)

I WISH YOU WERE HERE i dont have a lot of time today, but im dying for you to see the things we are seeing, feel the things we are feeling, meet the people we are meeting! Mom, I too wish so badly you knew every little detail its killing me.

First of all, conference! YES we got to watch in english. We missed the saturday afternoon bcuz we had an appointment with an inv. but to be spiritually uplifted in english from familiar people and faces was so ..nice. haha. I was thinking of you dad during Russel M. Nelsons talk- Sundays are a delight. I think we can both relate a little bit by saying that sundays are a little stressful and busy. They can be long and difficult. But oh, so rewarding and wonderful. The talk about not taking the gospel for granted was one of my favs. I do not want to take the gospel or the spirit or the Atonement, or our knowledge for granted. Even if Sundays are stressful and scary in Japanese sometimes, at least the spirit and love we feel at church is familiar. I always want to think of sundays as a pure delight- because the gospel is joyful and perfect and the spirit is wonderful.

SHIZUOKA is beautiful. I have already fallen in love with this place. We visited the Bishop the first night I was here, I felt like I have known them for so long. THey are wonderful people and the ward was so welcoming. Adjusting is hard, but when we are in lessons, or meeting with members, it is so much easier- the gospel really brings ppl together in a way that nothing else can. When I got here, my comp told me that we have 0 progressing investigators. I was suuuuper bummed to hear that. But my comp has a ton of dendo fire, and we got to work and found 3 new investigators the first 2 days. we were STOKED and cannot wait to meet with them this week. This week was filled with so much happiness and LIGHT. I know that the light of Christ does shine. People without the gift of the spirit have that special light. It is real.

BAH im out of time. sorry for the short email. Ill try to write you letters asap. love you so much.
Remember who you are. Remember that we have taken His name upon us, and we are under covenant to remember that name always. I promise if we strive to think of the Savior and live worthy of His presence, our lives will be full of perfect joy and love; our spiritual eyes will be opened, and we will find that we are never alone.

LOVE you so much. have a great week.
Love, Sister Wilcox
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