Thursday, June 4, 2015

joy (email from April 19, 2015)


1. PARKER. I think Shaylee is the only person right now who understands how i am feeling. SO HAPPY and SO SAD. I cannot believe your mission papers are in! Parker! I wish I could just scream and hug you and tell you how much you are going to looove your mission. You are so much more prepared, and so in tune with the Spirit. Working with the Lord, and following the Spirit, I know you are going to change peoples lives. you are going to conquer Satan, and you will see the hand of the Lord. It will be incredible. love you soo much. So so proud of you my man!

2. SHIZUOKA! Guys. I cannot explain the joy. The spiritual moments. The wonderful people. The hand of the Lord. I have never been happier in my entire life. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. Being senior has brought much more responsibility and stress, but ...i love it. We MUST ask Heavenly Father what he would like us to do, where He would like us to be, or what He would like us to say. I have clearly seen Him guiding us in each of these areas, I have done things that are beyond my compacity. I have dedicated my time to serving him, and I am only a tool in His masterful hands. Now, I can finally see Him using me in ways that are bringing so much JOY.

We focused a lot on less-actives this week. One is named Sugita. Missionaries have visited her everyweek for years. Our first visit, we just had so much fun talking and laughing, and I was shocked that I could understand her. we were able to develop a way good relationship with her. our second time visiting her, she completely opened up. it was really a miracle. She said she has not had home teachers for years, she does not know the RS president, and she doesnt know who the Bishop is. I think she went inactive from being offended by something/someone. Sad. So we were able to get her home teachers again, and this week we are visiting her with the Relief Society President. I feel like this is where the Lord wants me to be! after our long conversation, she told me that missionaries usually just come, share a message, and leave. She said Sister Wilcox you are very rare and I feel lucky that you were sent to Shizuoka. AH It made my heart so happy! Heavenly Father has been with me this whole time, this scary and new change has become so incredibly enjoyable and heavenly. Sorry that sounds cheesy...i dont know how else to describe it.

Another less active we visited, Kobayashi, ahh i fell in love with her. She is a super old obaachan and was baptized just a few years ago. We had so much fun visiting her, she has such sweet spirit about her. We sang I am a Child of God with her and when she prayed, she cried and cried. It was the sweetest moment. Then on Sunday, SHE CAME TO CHURCH! She came up to me and gave me a big hug, and said so proudly "Im here! I came to church!" I didnt know my heart could love someone so much. I want you to meet these people!
Also, 2 14 year old girls came to church yesterday for homework from their christian school! We got their numbers and set an appointment with them so PLEASE keep them in your prayers!!

Okay sorry this is long but just one more story! Yesterday we met with an eternal investigator, Nakayama san. It was my first time meeting her. WOW. She just needs to get baptized. She believes everything, she knows it is true. She feels the spirit. She recognizes the light that members have. I pray pray pray she will want to take the next step. She speaks a little bit of english. During our lesson, the spirit was so strong, one of the best lessons we have had on my whole mission. It was so fun to speak a little english in our lesson, and as we testified, we cried (didnt realize how much of a bawl baby i was till my mish!!!) and the power that was there was so tsuyoi! She said she appreciates us being so pure. We explained that it is Jesus Christ[s light. It was the spirit that she was feeling. And that Heavenly Father is her literal father. He loves her and you and me and all. I am so grateful. I know this is true. And right now I am not taking this truth for granted. I want to tell everyone that I can! Cannot explain the perfect joy. ITs something we must feel for ourselves. It is a very personal experience we can each have with our loving Father. I love Him.

Famand friends i love you so much. thank you for the love and prayers, you are in mine as well everyday! LOVE YOU!
LOVE, Sister Wilcox
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