Monday, June 22, 2015

the good times...

ohhhhh. k. PARKER. Are you going to the temple this week? Oh Parker! Parker! It is such a special experience. That day was one of my favorite days, I cherish that memory. It will be a day that you never forget. Go wholeheartedly and open your heart and mind for the Spirit to speak to you. I cant wait to go together in 2017. :) LOVE YOU. love love love the choices you are making. You will never regret following the footsteps of the Savior, doing what He would do, and doing what he asks. It is never a burden, it is the easiest path to take. The gospel isnt hard, life is hard. bahhhh proud of you chummy boy. hope you know i love you.

This week...Lots of blessings, the Lord is hastening His work. I only have time to mention a couple of the many amazing things that happened:
So. We met with a former investigator- S.Y. She is the lady that gave me the bag she made, we took pics with her in clothes that she made right after skyping you. remember those pics? Well we helped her write a letter in english, and saw a letter that Lauren Stott wrote! Is that our Lauren Stott? thought that was fun. we are both teaching the same lady! We had a great lesson with her, I felt like the Lord blessed us with confidence in knowing that we are representatives of the Savior, and we taught with boldness and power. Sister Smith is a great teacher! We invited her to be baptized, she still has problems with her mom being buddhist, but she says she believes everything and believes that the SAvior atoned for her. SHE BELIEVES THE SAVIOR ATONED FOR HER SINS. do you realize how huge that is???? investigators in japan just dont understand that, so we are excited to meet her again this week.
K shimai, my favorite girl ive met in japan (truly. you WILL meet her. she speaks great english and is our best friend here.) gave me a pic of the Salt lake temple for my birthday that says the quote--if this isnt his castle then hes not your prince. haha cute. But we also had a great talk about faith and enduring to the end. I know that on a mission, it is a lot easier to feel close to the spirit and have a great desire to do what the Lord wants us to. But i also know that a mission doesnt last forever. it is too short! there are hard times. of course. parker-- there will be hard days. but WHATEVER. they dont last. there are good times and amazing wonderful spiritual moments- they dont last forever. there will be hard days and hard lessons and hard companions and maybe even hard transfers, but they dont last forever either! I am beginning to appreciate my mission more and more and dont want to take it for granted. The mission will end, and i dont want to lose this zeal to endure righteously. Sometimes, the work of the Lord doesn't go exactly how we planned, or how we would like it to go. But it is a great reminder to always exercise faith, and trust in the will of the Lord. He is in charge. He is our rock and our merciful Savior. I trust Him. And I am here to serve Him, whatever His will and requests may be. Not only for missionary work, but also "normal life":). I hope I can be diligent and faithful to the will of the Lord always. FAM thank you so much for not only enduring, but fulfilling the responsibilities we have while enduring. I know the Lord is proud of you and trusts you. love you all so much.

pics...this week we ate fish hot dogs. mmm. stinky. met with H she is getting baptized next week, she lives in fujieda which is a different area, but we met her at the music conference, and she came to visit and we went to dinner with her! in the vid she was trying to teach me SA. did you use SA?? also david mailed me a while ago, i emailed him back but i dont know who he is haha. also.. sorry michael for not emailing you back. but. thanks for taking shay to hawaii. you both are tan and beautiful and full of the spirit. :D. heeeee love you. fAM sorry for the tsukunai details. love you so much. you are amazing. dad your conference notes were awesome. lvoed reading them cant wait to study them. you are incredible.
talk to you soon. :)

MOM AHHH igot your package! hahahaha the wrapping on the jumprope, the DARLING scripture case. so happy. i was so happy. you are darling. thank you so much. ippai ai o kanjimashita yo. arigatou gozaimashita. honto ni minnasan ga iesu kirisuto no shimobe toshite, kare no hikari o shimeshiteiru. mohan arigatouuu! love love love you
love, twit/sister wilfcox.

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