Thursday, June 4, 2015

99 (email from May 17, 2015)

Dear family/friends..

It was shocking and heartbreaking news to hear about Griselle. I just cant believe it. I wish I was there to help. Help comfort you, their family, the ward, be there to just help. My heart truly aches for them. I will be praying and working even harder to teach people about the plan of salvation. It is the source of greatest comfort and joy in this life. I love you!

We had a crazy experience this week. We had a member lesson, and afterwards went to the store to buy a present for a less-actives birthday. We were on our way when we ran into Brother Kita. It was a huge coincidence. Brother Kita is about 75 years old ish, he just got baptized a year or so ago, but he is SUCH a strong member. He has his own investigators! Anyway, when we saw him, he had a cigarette in his hand. He acted like he had been drinking. We were shocked. He didnt want to talk to us, im sure he was very embarassed. It was so sad, you dont really realize how much you love someone until you go through a hard time, or a trial that tests your faith. It was really heartbreaking. We called the ward mission leader, and that was it. He told us not to worry about it. ...We went to the store, but went with a sick feeling and a prayer in our hearts. AFter a while, we decided to pray together. AFter that prayer, we had a clear impression that we needed to visit Brother Kita. We left immediately for his house. When we got there, no one was home and he wouldnt answer the phone. The impression was so clear that we needed to see Brother Kita tonight, that we actually went out looking for him. Its hard to measure your own faith, but I had so much faith that night, i think more than i have had in my life, that we would see Brother Kita that night. I felt like I was really on the Lords errand. After only 5 minutes of looking, we got a text from him. He said he was sorry, to not tell anyone about seeing him that night, and that he wouldnt be at church the next day. I called him, and after talking to him for a while, convinced him to come back to his apartment. About 30 minutes later, he did come back. We acted like nothing was wrong and loved him as a child of God that He is. We didnt do much, but I felt like we had followed the will of God that night. We felt that as the Lords set apart representatives, we needed to do as He would do. So we left the 99, and went after the one. Brother Kita was at church the next day. It was such a neat experience for me, I know Heavenly Father is so mindful of each of His children. How can that be? How can He know us so perfectly and know exactly how to help us? I dont know, but I know that He does. And isnt it neat that WE can be tools that He uses to lift others? I want to always be worthy of His trust. You can each be His messengers of love and comfort right now for the Zelaya family. I love you and I know the Lord trusts you.

IT WAS SO FUN TO TALK TO YOU LAST WEEK! AHHH i just love love lvoe to think back on it. So stinkin fun. sure love you guys. parker. gosh dangit you are gonna kill it in Argentina.

OHHHH hahaha......soooooo transfer calls were last week. And Stewart Shimai will be going to Toyama! My first area! Craaazyyy. There is one sister missionary coming in this transfer, and I will be TRAINING her! getting a little bean chan! CRAZY i feel so bad for this little new sister haha i hope i dont ruin her! But i will do my best and we will work hard hard hardddd. Excited, nervous and scared outa my mind but this transfer will be great. Becuase how can we fail with the Lords help? The Lord is no stranger to His servants.

Love you love you. oh hey we had 3 investigators at church yesterday! and 3 more PIs. how cool! Stewarts shimai had never seen one investigator at church, and her last sunday here there were 6 people that could potentially become members of the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter day Saints. The work is moving forward!!!

Sorry for the TSUKUNAI details, more next week. love love love you!
Love, Sister Wilcox

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