Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hello (email from May 24, 2015)

HEY HEY HEY how awe yew?
I've been so excited to tell you about this week. I know it has been a
hard week with grandpa Wilcox and waddoups, and also with the passing
of sister zelaya. I have also been thinking about that a lot, and I
know that there are a lot of things we cannot control in life. But we
can control our faith and our actions, our beliefs and our desires.
And if we desire to be happy amongst hardships and trials, we know
that the simple truths and the beautiful gift of prayer are what can
bring that happiness we are looking for. The peace that we each need.

This week before picking up bean chan, I stayed in Meito with sister
humphreys and garret- 2 of my favorite sisters in the mission.
Together we shared one of the most special nights of my mission.i got
there around 5:00, and they told me their goal for that day was to
find 3 new investigators. We got to work and planned to house for 1
hour. We found 1 new investigator through housing. (Woop!) After that
we needed to visit some members, so all we could do to find new
investigators was OYM on the way to our appointments. We talked to
this girl about 25 years old, she seriously seems goooolden. We taught
her how to pray, gave her pamphlets, and they made a next appt with
her. (Whoop woop!) After member lessons, we had just a few minutes
before we had to get home! We stopped this lady, and at first she was
super hesitant and distant, but we just kept talking to her. After a
while, she opened up to us and told us she was sick, she had
depression and was going through a lot of hard things in her life. We
testified to her of the healing power of the atonement, and through
living the teachings of Jesus Christ, she can be perfectly happy
again. We testified that Heavenly Father loves her. As we were telling
her this, tears started rolling down her cheeks, as well as ours. It
was such a special moment I will never forget. We were truly pouring
our hearts to her, and I felt like the spirit was guiding our words to
personalize our message for her. I was so grateful to be there and be
a mouthpiece for the Lord.

Next day picked up THE BEAN! ;) she is darling. Her name is Merissa
Smith. She has so much dendo Fire and is ready to work! We have
already seen miracles together. Our first day together, we found 2 new
investigators! I had her OYM to this cute little obaachan, and she
spoke back to
Sister smith is perfect English. Haha and she became an investigator!
We met with Hitomi for our first real lesson, and it went so well.
Hitomi really opened up to us, she said during church, during the
'speeches' she felt so much peace that she cried! I was sitting right
next to her and was worried about how loud the kids were being, and
the spirit was doing his job helping her feel love and peace. It was a
testimony to me that this is not our work, it is the Lords, all we do
is invite, and He does the rest. We also met with a new investigator,
Takayama San for the 30/30 with her kids. It went really well, she is
one of those people that you can really see the light of Christ in
her. We are super excited to continue meeting with her to help her
discover that light! Please keep them in your prayers this week!
Sorry super out of time but this week after a tough lesson, I read
this scripture in 1 nephi that says 'have you inquired of the lord?'
We must discover his will if we want to continue on the right path. I
know that in order to be an effective tool in the Lords hands, I must
inquire of him, then be worthy to receive His help. And I want His
help so desperately.
Have you inquired of the Lord?
I love you so much. So so much!
Love, Sister Wilcox

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