Thursday, March 26, 2015

True LOVE (letter from 2/22/15)

WOW. this week. I loved this week.
Truly, this was the best week of my mission. (for selfish reasons)..but this week I have been so spiritually strengthened and almost spiritually exhausted- its hard to explain, but I feel like a different person, finally feeling like I canchange and make small steps in becoming more Christlike.

I want to send you some of my journal entry from this week:
"Today was incredible. This Lord really is on my side. I cant express the feeling in my heart on paper. My heavenly friend, my Savior Jesus Christ, my Father in Heaven manifested their love to me and all the missionaries here through the voices of their servants- Their representatives, prophets, seers, and revelators. Elder Ballard, Bishop Stevenson, and Ronald A. Rasband came to our mission. We got to shake each of their hands- afterward Elder Rasband said, `You just had a personal interview with an apostle of the Lord. He can look you in the eyes for 5 seconds and know everything about you.` Wow! I thought, `What if the Savior looked me in the eyes right now- what would he see?` I shook their hands, then shook President Yamashitas hand. He said `Did you talk to Elder Rasband?` (In my interview with Pres Yamashita I told him Elder Rasband was over my dad and that I had met him.) It meant a lot to me that although Pres Yamashita had so much going on, he still remembered that and asked me about it. I dont think Elder Rasband recognized me. When Elder Ballard got up, he said `Its hot in here, can we open a window?` Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband both said `this will be the best day of your mission.` ...Honestly- it was! There was so much love. The missionaries from the whole mission all arrived early, it was so fun to see all the eternal friends i have made. Its so easy to love missionaries- to know that we are all struggling with the same things and seeing the same miracles. Powerful. some elders sang `brightly beams our fathers mercy` for a musical number. It has become one of my mission songs. "Some poor fainting struggling seaman, you may rescue you may save."
Anyway, the conference was incredible, i will write you a hand written letter and try to explain what we learned from these apostles. Its too good not to share!

But the best part of the conference, the thing that I feel has literally changed my heart, my desires, my thoughts and even my actions, was when President Yamashita spoke to us. He was not supposed to speak, but before the closing prayer, Elder Ballard got up and said, `its not very often that all your missionaries are together.` So he invited Sister and Prez Yamashita to speak to us. Sister Yamashita got up and said `I love you so much` in her cute english, and bore her testimony. It was so sweet. Ahh i wish i could have recorded this moment so bad. It was SO SWEET. President Yamashita got up, and as he spoke, it was like this spiritual wall just hit me! I felt like my heart and my eyes had been opened to feel what real, pure love feels like. There was not a dry eye in the room. He started speaking to us and all of a sudden we were all a family.

I don`t think anything in this life could have brought me closer to Christ than serving a mission. Giving my time, my might, my heart to serving the Lord; To really try to figure out the will of the Father, it requires us to be close to the Holy Ghost- which manifests the reality of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christs love. And as i have served, and continue to serve, that love becomes a part of me, and I want nothing else than for others to feel that love. My priorities have changed on my mission- and those priorities are more centered around Jesus Christ. Its the love that has changed me- its all about LOVE! :)

This week we were able to see Ruri! Finally! We went bowling with her. I really want to go to her house this week and try to have a lesson. See how the book of mormon and prayer is going. Kon chan just texted us and asked if she could come to church this week!!! AHHH how cool is that?? She is so solid. She is someone who wants to do the right thing and has her priorities straight. She shows us so much love.
Bongo san came to church yesterday! He said he would read the book of mormon and see `what this church is all about.` :) They are such a nice family. Im grateful to know them.

Im sorry this email was so long. I feel so much spiritual power and i wanted to share with you and hopefully help you feel the spirit as well. Elder Ballard taught that every single day we need to let our minds go to Gethsemane. As i have been seriously thinking about that, it has given me peace and appreciation that i am so grateful for.
I love you so much. You are each children of our Heavenly Father. I testify that that is true.
Love love love you.
Love, Sister Wilcox

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