Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yapan (Letter from 3/1/15)

The weather is starting to warm up, not so much snow its faaaaabulous!
This week we had another shokujikai--we at dinner and had a lesson with Shimizu san at an investigators house! I wish we could do that everytime, dendo with the members is so important! We taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson, she asked about baptism...we had not even talked about Baptism! We explained the wonderful blessings that come from Baptism, and she accepted a baptismal date! SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON MARCH 28!!!!! She is an incredible person, and it is so neat to see the change the gospel brings, such a GOOD change that allows perfect joy to flow into our lives. Please keep her in her prayers!
Akiho chan (member that just got her mission call to Sendai!) did dendo with us again this week. She is so awesome. Park you should call the elders and ask to go out with them- they would love it and you would love it! Ruri couldnt meet with us again this week. :( It is so sad- she is so busy! So hard. We had a lot of member lessons this week, it is awesome to see the strength and faith these people have. I want to be more like them.

ALSO Bongo san came to church again this week! We didnt even call him, he just showed up. His wife had to work again, but he is really progressing which is exciting!! He tried to read the BOM but cant understand the english very well, we said we could get him a french BOM and he was so excited! The members love him, he already has a light and people are drawn to him!

This week i read end of D&C and pearl of great price. its so amazing right?! Joseph Smith really was incredible. I know He was a prophet of God. Everyday I have a firmer belief of the truthfulness we teach and live everyday! This gospel is true! and I love it. I love you all so much! sorry for the short email this week. I am praying for each of you, love love love you
love, Sister Wilcox

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