Thursday, March 26, 2015

bringing the world his truth (Letter from 3/22/15)

This week was craaazy fast. unbelievable. but so so great.
We had a special mission conference, rode a bus for 4 hours up beautiful snowy mountains and cute little japanese villages down to the hot and humid city of Nagoya. Elder Evans from the 70 came and did a training on iPads. It was a wonderful and uplifting meeting, and also very interesting. The reasons behind getting iPads in the mission is truly inspiration from the Lord. Elder Evans said that the Lord is bringing iPads into this mission and missions around the world to not only give us a tool in hastening the work of the Lord, but also to train the young people for when we go home after our missions. I was especially grateful for this training because I was addicted to my phone before my mission, and i dont want that to be a priority after my mission. Isnt that interesting that the mission is wonderful for so many purposes, even technology training! Elder Evans said to take electronics away from us is not going to solve the problem. We are going to be living in the world, and be exposed to worldly things whether we want to be or not. We therefore need to learn how to be in the world but not of the world, use this technology to aid us in accomplishing our purpose here on earth, not hinder our advancement in enduring to the end.

Yesterday, Shimizu, Kon chan, and Airi chan came to church! Shimizu is having such a hard time quitting smoking. She has done great though, she has committed to everything else and has stopped drinking coffee and tea, but tobacco is going to be tough. Her baptism is next week, please keep her in your prayers. We love her and her two little boys so much, this would be such a blessing for this cute little family. Kon chan has been to church 4 times now, more than many of our investigators! She loves church, she is just so busy during the week that we cant ever teach her! And how cool that she is bringing her friend! What an example. We think she is recognizing the spirit of the Lord at church, she says she is happy at church. Her parents said she can come as long as she wont regret it, she said this is something she wont regret. love love love her.

Mineta Shimai and I were asked to go to Kanazawa (about an hour away) for youth conference and do a role play in front of all the youth. they called President Yamashita and he gave us permission to go, im so glad we went. After our role play, all the youth did their own role play. As we were walking around the room watching them teach "investigators", i couldnt help but think about and feel the love Heavenly FAtehr has for each of his children. They all had such enthusiasm as they were teaching, some were sharing scriptures, others were testifying, ah the spirit was so strong. It was a testimony builder to see so many young people fililng their time with such wonderful things. The Lord is hastening the work, we must be worthy of His spirit to know how to help. We often talk of the incredible power of the adversary and how wicked the world is becoming. The adversary is working harder because the work of the Lord is becoming greater. We are bringing the world His truth, and we can and are conquering Satan. I hope we can all do our part in building the kingdom of God. We cannot fall behind and we cannot yield to Satans temptations. The Lord needs us on His side. I love you all so much. Im sorry this email is so short, hope you have a great week.
love you lvoe you love you!
Love, Sister Wilcox

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