Thursday, March 26, 2015

かんぜんなせいかつおおくるとわしあわせにせいかつすることです。(Letter from 3/8/15)

Oh my. My heart is so full this week. It has kind of been a joke between Mineta Shimai and I that our `hearts are so full`..but this week has been a tender mercy and a turning point for me. So many wonderful experiences that I will cherish forever.

I have been in Toyama for almost 4 transfers now. I wanted to stay because of our investigators, so I asked President Yamashita if I could stay. I think that came from the spirit, because I think the real reason I stayed was for my companion. We could have worked better together, I could have been more patient and loving. So this transfer, I made it my goal to be more Christ-like towards her. I dont want you to think by me telling you this that i am putting myself on a pedestal, I hope this can encourage you that through the help of the Savior and the Spirit, we can change anything about ourselves that we dont like in order to be more in harmony with the spirit. Everyday this transfer, I have made a different goal to strengthen my companion. A simple note, making her breakfast, making her laugh, complimenting her, speaking more japanese in the apt so she feels more comfortable, etc. There has been such a great change that i am so grateful for. We have become such great friends and i love her! We laugh all the time and we really have so much fun together. I have learned so much good from her this transfer because i have chosen tosee the good. With a prayer in our hearts, more positive words and actions toward each other, and the spirit with us always, we have seen so much more success. We are so much happier and therefore can share more happiness with others. And i know that is a direct result of having the spirit, the love of God with us always. "To live perfectly is to live happily. To live happily is to grow spiritually toward perfection." I testify that the Atonement is something we have access to, Jesus Christ has given us the power to change our hearts, and for that I am so grateful.

We had another lesson with Shimizu san at a members house again! It was PERFECT! We had a nice dinner, then the dad played with the 2 little boys, and the mom and prepared a room before hand for a lesson. I was so impressed and grateful- the clean atmosphere made it easier to feel the spirit. We taught the Plan of Salvation. There was a point in the lesson where the spirit was so strong and so joyful, I wanted to just say, `Oh come here you guys!! Gimme a hug.` haha ya know?? It was just so happy and satisfying to be giving someone the opportunity to feel the spirit. She was not able to come to church because she had to take her boys to the hospital. We heart attacked her door while she was gone, she texted us later and said when she saw that, she cried. She said she felt love from us and from God. Its amazing that with our little efforts, Heavenly Father can turn them into wonderful spiritual experiences.

Kon chan, our 16 year old inv came to church! And she brought her friend! What a cool example. We was so impressed with her and grateful for her. We gave a church tour and she was telling her friend about church. Very cool. They said they are coming again next week!

I hope you can each feel the spirit everyday. Put your self in a position where the spirit can touch your heart. That is his job. (`You had one job`..haha sorry.) He has been doing it for a long time and is very good at it. But we need to choose to do our part. Progression is tied to our agency and if we choose the good, we are going to have help along the way. Heavenly Father always wants to help.

I love you LOVE YOU. Have a great week, do something fun. Life should be fun. :)
thank you for your love and examples.
love, sister Wilcox

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