Monday, March 30, 2015

the goods are in the gospel

my cutie pie peeps. you know, you might see me earlier than you think because i feel like i might die or run home due to an overdose of nerves. transfer calls were a week early because president and sister yamashita are going to general conference in slc! I am transferring out of my bean area. so sad, i love this place, i LOVE the people here. they have become my family! It will be very hard. but i would rather have to say goodbye a thousand times than to have never have met these wonderful people. I will be transferring to Shizuoka! All i have heard is that it is super hot. I hope we didnt miss the Sakura! My new companion is Sister Stewart, she is one transfer below me. WHAT. I dropped the phone after that and started bawling. haha maybe a little dramatic. Super nervous to say the least. I dont feel like i would be confident leading everything even in English, let alone japanese. But i am excited for this new opportunity. This will really test my faith and obedience and commitment to the Lord. I have no faith in myself. But I have faith in Jesus Christ. And maybe that will be enough for now.

Started off the week with a comp exchange in Kanazawa. We were booked with apts all day, had so much fun and had great experiences. Sis training leader gave training and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was a tender mercy- she was not talking to me, i felt like the Lord was talking directly to me. I have a testimony of revelation. God truly speaks to His children and loves each one. We talked about consecration. Becoming more like Christ is as easy as changing your mind. AFter that, small or great changes in your very nature will occur. We talked about being completely dedicated to the Lord. If anything is keeping us from being one with Christ- get rid of it. There are enough evil influences in the world already, dont let your natural man be another barrier to overcome! We talked about developing moral discipline- integrity. We talked about our judgement day. And when we stand at the bar of God, there will not be one person waiting to condemn us on how skillfully we tried to share the message of Jesus Christ. But rather, they will thank us for any effort to bring them to the Savior. It was a great spiritual boost and I was pumped to get out and get to work after that.

The Tamadas (old bishop and wife in the ward) took us to the World Heritage sight which was sooooo cool. super nice of them and we just laughed and laughed and had fun together.

Shimizu is still doing super great. However, we did push her baptism back until next week because she really wants to see a baptism before she gets baptized. The good news is, 8 year old Nozomi chan will be baptized on Tuesday. So next sunday is the day. We bought her some gum that helps with addiction to nicotine. Hopefully that helps. She is soooo filled with the spirit lately, you can see it her eyes, in her actions, in her nature- she has changed. it is awesome. cant explain it in words. very special. Yesterday at church, Ikemoto shimai finally got work off and was able to stay all 3 hours and for the fireside after church. In gospel principles class, she said she had been reading hte book of mormon and bought a journal to write down thoughts as she read. WOWWW you go girl! everyone was smiling ear to ear watching her share her thoughts about growing in the gospel. She showed me her book of mormon all marked up. love her.

funny story--a 22 yr old guy we found housing came to church yesterday. we think he has so much potential, really excited to see what happens. but he left and 5 min later texted us and asked us to come out to the parking lot. we go out and hear, 'tasukete! tasukete!' so we run over and his arm was stuck in his window. he tried to reach in to unlock his car and his arm got stuck. we laughed so hard. good times.

there are so many fun, crazy times on the mission. but like the title--the goods are in the gospel. one of the best parts of this week was church. President and Sister Yamashita came to our ward! Super rare! But it was so so fun. we had 4 investigators at church and they all got to meet them. in sacrament mtg, they introduced themselves as the missionaries parents, and they 'have wonderful children.' i loooove them so sad they will be leaving soon. after the 3 hour block, they gave a fireside. it was sooo good. The happiest and best times in life are when we include Heavenly Father in the details of our lives, and this meeting, feeling his love and spirit was one of the best times of the entire week. These are the moments we will remember!

I studied the 4th missionary again this week. life is happier and easier and worth it when we give up our desires and our will to the Lord. with anything in life he says this, 'Dont think you cant do this. Often we are deceived to think that hte gospel is harder than what it is. Life is hard, not the gospel.You can do this. Do you hear that? You can. If you dont, it will only be because you chose not to,not because you cant, not because it is too hard. The gospel way is actually the easiest way. This way opens the heart to the Lord, and His power then flows freely without compulsion or constraint. There is no aspect of the gospel of Christ that is beyond your compacity. not nearly. you not only can be changed to become more like Christ, the whole of the plan of salvation is designed in favor of your success. It favors not only your success but the success of each and every one of Gods children. Everything has been organized to maximize your opportunity to succeed.'

I am out of time. But we CAN succeed with the gospel. God doesnt want us to fail nor will he let us fail in anything as long as we surrender to Him. Live life HIS way. Its a lot better. Its a lot happier. Its how we are supposed to live.

I love you so much. have a super week. Happy Easter!
Love, Sister Wilcox

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