Monday, February 16, 2015


Fam and Friends-

another PERFECT week. The weeks are really flying, which is sad, but i love to see the work of salvation moving forward so rapidly! very exciting.
This week I had my first interview with President Yamashita. It was too short! He is such a good man, very in tune with the spirit and so loving. He asked about our investigators, our area, my family...I told him I did not want to be transferred. I want at least 6 more weeks with our awesome investigators that i love so much! He wrote it down in his planner then looked at me and said, `I will pLay (pray) and receive the inspLiLation.` haha I love him! We received priesthood blessings from the district leader, it was a very neat experience and super hisashiburi. Heaven is so near!

Last week, Shimizu san and her 2 little boys came to church. We visited her this week, she seemed VERY sad and had a very dark countenance. It was not what we were expecting, but we were very glad that we visited her. We invited her to a members house for dinner the next day, with very little hope that she would come. And SHE CAME. It was so great. There were 3 member families there and we sang I am A Child of God and everyone shared their testimonies. The spirit was so strong! I hope we were able to help her be in a good place where the spirit could testify to her and touch her heart. This week I have really come to realize that we are not the teachers! The spirit converts people and it is just my job to help the spirit be able to do His job. I am really trying to do my best to do that!

We visited Hirano san (single mother with 6 kids). She told us she had read the ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON and didnt really understand it so she is reading it again. ...unreal! How cool right??? We are super excited to meet with her again. Please pray for her! She is amazing.

Evangeline is also progressing- slowly but surely. A cool little miracle happened today. She has been looking for a sign from God ever since she met the missionaries. She came to english classon thursday and one of the elders talked to her for a long time about forever families and the blessings we gain by being members of the church. She called us later that night and said her friend had called her because her uncle passed away. Evangeline testified to her about forever families! On the phone she said, `I think God sent that missionary boy to me tonight so I could comfort my friend.` We kept saying Thats a sign thats a sign! It was amazing! She committed to read the Book of Mormon, I hope she can understand with her heart and not her head!

Okay one more WAY COOL STORY----Kon chan came to church last week. (16 yr old investigator). She loved it. We ran into her at the train station the other day. She was with her friend who is also interested in church and Kon chan had invited her friend to church! On her own! I know it was not coincidence that we met her!

I love seeing the many miracles by serving the Lord. I love seeing the spirit- Heavenly Fathers love- touch people in a way that leads them to action. The feelings of the Holy Ghost are undeniable. It is true! The gospel is so true! I love you all so much. Thank you for your wonderful examples and your powerful testimonies. have a super good week. .love love love you!

Love, Sister Wilcox

Someone heart attacked us!

Shimizu is in the middle with glasses

Lesson with members and less-active

In the public restroom.  I have never used one and never want to! :)

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