Tuesday, February 10, 2015

best week

THIS WEEK WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION! the weather was amazing, the people are amazing, the scriptures are amazing, the spirit is amazing. I love missions.

I want to update you on investigators-- we have some solid people right now. AH i wish you could meet them!

This week Evangeline will finish school and college applications, then she will be free! She wants to come do dendo with us..haha so next week for valentines day we are teaching her `I am a child of God` in Japanese and English and going `caroling` to members and investigators. This week for an Eikaiwa activity we went to the zoo and she came! Afterward, we gave her a talk from Pres. Uchtdorf in chinese. She said now that she is free from school, she wants to really find out for herself if the church is true.

We tried to visit Ruri this week, she wasnt home. On Saturday she was busy, she called us and told me to thank you- mom - for the money for the funeral. She kept saying over and over `bikuri shita!` that was really nice of you guys. Thank you. It is so sad that she is so busy! We will keep trying to visit and do our best this week to help her!

THIS STORY IS AMAZING. We were housing last transfer and found no one. As we were walking home, the last lady we talked to was Shimizu san. She was in a hurry but told us we could come back and visit. When we did, we taught her how to pray and she said she wanted to come to church. She didnt come for a while, but we have really been focusing our efforts on her lately. She is a single mother with 2 little boys- 6 and 7 yrs old. Our last visit, she told us more about her life and told us that sometimes she hides in her house and cries cuz she doesnt want her boys to see. She is really having a hard time- it was heartbreaking. Mineta Shimai and I left and stood outside and cried together. We said a prayer together, and on the way home i was pleading with Heavenly Father to lighten her load and find the peace that the gospel brings. We had so much faith that she would come to church. Yesterday, I spoke in church and was watching the door the whole time while sitting on the stand..but never saw her come in. Afterward, Mineta Shimai ran up to me and said `SHIMIZU CAME TO CHURCH!` we were jumping up and down hahah such a miracle! She had come in during the opening song. Her boys ran up to me and hugged my legs. There was so much happiness yesterday AHH it was soo cool! The Saviors grace, mercy, hope, and happiness is what will bring her peace. I know that is what she has been looking for.

Kon Chan-
16 years old- she is the girl that asked us to teach her to pray in the street and texted us later that night asking to teach her again. She also came to church yesterday! Both investigators stayed all three hours! The young women and ward fellowshipped like a boss! They are so great. She really like church and wants to come next week.

Bongo- Family from Africa. so solid! They are coming to church on the 22nd. They want to move to Utah because a lot of mormons are there, and the crime is low. haha They really have a special spirit about them, Im grateful to be teaching them.

Those are our most progressing investigators. sorry for the long email. Please include them in your prayers! I love being a missionary. I know the work of salvation will move forward- with or without me. But I want to be on board! I want to do my duty that I was foreordained for. The Saviors atonement is for everyone!

I wish i could write more and more- too much good to tell! Miss you all, keep being awesome. park, jare, this morning i read a testimony from Joseph Smith that is SO AWESOME you have to read it! D&C 128:22-25.

love you so much. have a great week!
happy valentines day!
love, Sister Wilcox

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