Monday, December 29, 2014



This week was crazy good. Hey remember when we skyped? FUN RIGHT?? Lets do that again. How about in 6ish months?? Okay sounds gooood, looking forward to it.

Im so glad everyone had such a good christmas. I LOVED Christmas this year. It was definitely different, and I definitely missed christmas together, but focusing on others this year was a special experience. As i was strengthening my relationship with Christ and Father in Heaven, I hope i was able to help others feel their love as well. I was sooo glad that we visited Ruri. After her moms funeral, I have been thinking about her a lot. And i think that quick stop really made her spirit a little bit brighter. Mom--Dont worry about the funeral being on pday!! we have plenty of pdays and that experience was worth 100 pdays.

This week was my favorite dendo week. We met so many awesome people. We visited Lanie, one of our investigators from the Philippines. She seemed stressed about working on christmas and by the time we left, she had a smile on her face again and thanked us over and over again for visiting. We gave her a little xmas gift and a BOM and sang Silent Night. I loooove to sing for ppl here. my voice is sooo bad as you all know but it is such an easy way to bring the spirit. After that we met an FI named Saeko chan. She met the missionaries on the street but never had another appointment. She is AWESOME. She is going to get baptized. i know it. She home-stayed in Idaho for one year with a MORMON FAMILY! She went to church for a year and has been to temple square twice. We had so much fun talking with her. We asked her if she would be interested in learning more about gospel, we REALLY want to teach her haha. She said ofcourse! And she said her parents are okay with it too. BOOYAH pray for her! She is so prepared!

Ikemoto Shimai received the gift of the holy ghost yesterday. :) We sang I am a Child of God in sacrament meeting, there was a sweet spirit there. It has been a tender mercy to be a part of her conversion.

Yesterday, Evangeline came to church and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is very open with us, which is good, but she is having a hard time. When we talked about baptism and invited her to be baptized, she said if she gets to the point of knowing it is true then ofcourse she would be baptized. but she said she cannot get past the point of believing that God is our father. She prays everyday but I dont think she understands sincere prayer. This morning I reread my favorite page in PMG. please read it its soooo good. page 187. I dont know all of Evangelines struggles or thoughts, i dont know what to say all the time, but Heavenly Father knows Evangeline perfectly. And right now, I am His servant. I know He will guide my companion and I to know how to help her. I know He has a plan for her and for each of us.

Also, these stories from the Oct 2014 Liahona are sooo good.
The Jadeite Cabbage
Upon the Top of the Waters.

I love you so much. Your support, love and examples strengthen me everyday. I know you also strengthen others- always be a LIGHT! Have a great week. love forever,
Sister Wilcox

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