Monday, December 8, 2014

dendo (missionary work)

your christmas adventures already look so fun!! wow its so weird that life is still going on back home. haha like you:re all moving on and getting old! parker your haircut looks way good. jaren stop growing. you already look older and you cant be taller than me. shay you saw the kalbs!!! how are they??? did you meet their nanny?? did you babysit or just visit? give kacie a big hug for me. tell her i miss her a ton. mom you and your friends are partying! wow so many parties going on! bridal baby showers, christmas parties. i cannot believe spencer colemans wife! so sad!!! have you seen them lately? thats scary. send me pics of the house all decorated!! i love to see pics. i forget what things look like haha. dad im so sorry you had to see your daughter look like a dweeb on that video hahah im so embarrassed. i think my japanese is a teency bit better haha.

sooooo i got a new comp. as you all know. she is nihonjin. her name is sister Mineta. and i LOVE HER! shes hilarious. very americanized. ha she has been with a lot of gaijin comps so her english is wayyy good. she speaks as much english to me as she can, and i speak back to her as much japanese as i can. its so funny. everynight she says `sweet dreams baby`. ...we are very much alike..haha.

We havent been able to see Ruri for a while. :( she is so busy! Please pray for her. i know you do. So i have done the most physically exhausting things EVER this week. hahah mineta S and i have been through a lot. On tuesday, we travel to Nagoya (4 hrs away by shinkansen) to meet new comps and travel back. Mineta S had her bike in a bag, and i didnt want her to carry it! shes so tiny! so i carried it to and from trains and whatnot. that doesnt sound too bad, but my body was shaking. i am such a weaksauce baby but it was SO HARD! haha and she was carrying like 4 big bags so we were both dying. then this week it snowed...for 3 days straight. we got about 6 inches i think. the snow here is super wet. and riding a bike in the snow is nearly impossible!!! hahaha we were laughing so hard. Like my abs hurt when we got home one night. we were the only ppl out on our bikes, and you couldnt ride for 3 feet without falling in the snow, or drifting around a corner, ohh my i should have filmed it it was hilarious. like ...its so miserable.. that its so funny. after a while we wer e both soaking wet. and finally we just had to walk our bikes home. that was also so physically exhausting. but Mineta shimai is always happy. we are always happy together. we make good food. we have way good companion study. our investigators are struggling right now. please pray for Yuu chan and evangeline.

So Mineta Shimai is obsessed with Nobuaki!! haha she saw my little shrine of pics with him hanging up and screamed. she knows all his songs and is so jealous that ive met him. i told her that he sang at yalls wedding and she was stoked. she also LOVES Brother Daniels. have you met him yet??? MEET HIM ALREADY everyone loves him. she knew him when he was mish prez in sapporo.

Dendo has been a little slow this week with the snow. we tried visiting members for their bday and made them cheesecake. but what would normally take us 45 min took about 3.5 hours in the snow..and we couldnt even make it to their house before we had to turn around or we would be late for curfew! gahh so frustrating!! we were late yesterday for the first time cuz of the snow. we were really sad. we got home at like 9.45 and felt so bad!! mineta S felt so bad. she kept apologizing haha. but really. we were bummed.

Evangeline got home from Hong Kong this week so we are going to visit her and invite her to be baptized!!! so excited and so nervous. i have been really praying to know what to do and say to her. and all i need to do is invite the spirit. if the spirit isnt there, conversion cannot happen.

FAMILY PLEASE READ boyd k packers talk THE WITNESS from april 2014. my favorite. i read it today during personal study and was almost tearing up. so powerful. please please please study it together and personally. i hope it will benefit you and your testimony like it did mine. I know with all my heart this church is true. Its true! I know God lives. I know Jesus Christ is our SAVIOR. He saved us! What a powerful testimony of love. Keep the first and second commandments, together lets try to be more loving.
Mom i was so happy to hear that yu are studing PMG. we are learning together! i love you!

have a great week. i think of you often. love you with all my heart.
love, whitty
ate eel this week...chewy and nasty will never eat again

this is a hospital...looks pretty sketch

Mineta Shimai always says, you are so FAT.  haha so here I am wearing three coats (so FAT) and when we came back 3 hours later, my SKIN was wet.  the snow here is so wet. ew.  But dendo with mineta is so fun!

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