Monday, December 22, 2014

Its a wonderful life (letter from Dec 15, 2014)

Fam! I cant believe how fast this week was! I feel like i was just talking to you yesterday! This week was so great! Bad news first-- Ruri didnt come to the RS activity. She canceled right before :( I was soooo bummed! Havent seen her for more than 2 weeks! I spoke in church yesterday and she didnt come to that either. So sad! I wish people could understand that this is all they need in life! Nothing else matters! Sometimes agency is so stupid!

WOW yes i opened the Xmas package! Mom are you amazing! So darn cute! i was thrilled to open it and feel so much love. i havent opened anything but the COAT and lights. I looooove the coat. thank you so soooo much! One night we were biking and it was freezing and i was starting to lose enthusiasm...then i noticed the Family pin on my coat. Ahh it changed my perspective, that night ended up being one of the best nights weve had--thank you so much for helping me.. even in little ways you help so much.

One of the highlight this week was a special zone conference- Elder Ringwood came and it was sooooo good! The BEST PART was after, i started talking to him and asked where he was from and he lives right next to you Gma and Gpa! He said to his wife, `This is Odettas granddaughter!` She said ohhh i love Odetta! It was so fun! Its been crazy to have so many connections to people here in japan! She hugged me and he said, `Oh I wish i could hug you right now.` sincerely! ..i cried when they left haha. Sometimes just talking to americans is so wonderful. He said to be sure to thank my parents for raising children firm in the gospel. He was so grateful toward you!

Last night we met with Evangeline. I love her so much. We were planning on inviting her to be baptized yesterday but i didnt feel like it was right. She doesnt speak Japanese, so it was fun to be able to teach in English and say everything from my heart and not my head. Please pray for her! She prays everyday and reads the scriptures, but she has a hard time understanding that God is our Heavenly Father. she really wants a sign from God. She wants him to appear on a cloud...sooo...ya. please pray for her haha. We watched The Gift with her and explained how Heavenly Father shows his love for us through the spirit. I love her so much and want her to know the happiness!

GUYS i just love serving a mission. boys i CANNOT WAIT for you to serve! i always wanted to experience what shay did and mom and dad and it is so wonderful! Its so easy in life to lose perspective and on a mission-- I feel like it is so easy to live in the world but not of the world.
This week for eikaiwa one of the students is a professional pianist and he played for us. i thought of you parks and how on your mission you will be able to use your talents to bring the spirit. You are amazing!

I love you so much fam. dont lose faith. dont lose hope. life is happy and wonderful!
love, sister wilcox

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