Monday, December 1, 2014

change may be the greatest blessing of all...

well.. let me just start by saying this was the BEST week i've had on my mission. seriously everyday was AMAZING!! i wish you were all here to experience the happiness with me.

The best thing of course was Ikemoto Shimais baptism. She is a changed person. So different! It was amazing to see her change from not even know who God was, to being able to pray and have the spirit all the time. She is so awesome. I think ive learned more from her than she has learned from me. Walsh Shimai and I went early to clean the font. it was so fun, we were sooo pumped. just so happy for her! so happy that the Lord lead her to be able to find the truth. That night, the baptism was about to start. It was literally 6:57 and there were only 3 people there! Thankfully, pretty much the whole ward showed up haha. This ward is SOOOO great at dendo. I hope i can be a much better member when i get home. I feel like i have already changed so much. and changed to be closer to the spirit and closer to Heavenly Father. So neat! After she was baptized she said that she has been thinking about things she wants to change in life, and thats when she found the missionaries. she said she feels clean and happy.

"The purpose and central blessing of life is change. It is to be changed to become more like Jesus Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His character. It is to move from one degree of intelligence and capacity to the next, and from there to the next, until you see God face to face and know Him as He knows you."

That is my mission motto. As I am striving to bring others closer to Christ, I must be willing to change, to give my whole heart and soul and will to Him. Only He can shape me into what i must become. Im ready to change! I'm ready to dedicate myself to the Lord! I've seen others on my mission make that change, and I want to progress and fulfill my purpose on this earth. If not that, then why are we here??

Last night we went to a members house, she invited some YSA people and Ikemoto San came and we invited our investigator Yuu chan. Mom--she is like my Yuri or Ruri. I LOVE her. She speaks pretty good english but i try to speak as much as i can to her in japanese. She is my favorite nihonjin that i have met here. She is SO prepared. i know she will get baptized. the members love her. she has been to church 4 times and loves it. PLEASE pray for her! We want to meet with her more but she is so busy during the week. I hate how busy ppl make themselves! like cmon make time to hear about the gospel! ;) we only are asking an hour or two everyday. haha. but really she is so awesome. Our mission-wide goal is to get 3 baptisms by Christmas as a gift to the Savior. Please pray for Yuu chan and Evangeline. They are both so ready- they just need to commit! Anyway, last night was so so fun. the funnest time ive had on my mission. The girls were all in one room and no one was really talking to i was like, "okay English party!!" and starting asking them questions in english and they thought it was hilarious...japanese ppl think anything is hilarious haha. then we taught them down by the banks. then they taught us a game called Broccoli. its so fun hahah we were rolling on the floor laughing. Walsh Shimai and i sang the cup song for them! I thought of you mom--when we made up lyrics of me moving away. Then Yasui shimai (the member) had me read The Christmas Train (pres. monsons book) and she translated into japanese. the spirit was so strong. God is so proud of His children here- they really understand the plan of salvation and understand how important missionary work is. it was sooo fun!! Such a good fun way to dendo and feel the spirit.

I met a couple pontential investigators this week. The first family was from AFRICA (parker) they were so cool. They were so friendly and invited us back anytime. They will be baptized. haha

THEN we went to this brazilian ladys house. we sat in her kitchen to wait for her... and she came out in a TOWEL....shes not a tiny person either....she shook my hand, put on deodorant. i was sitting there thinking ....."ohhhh my gosh this is so awkward what do i do i dont want to look at you." hahah i think she saw my face cuz she was like "Oh Gomen.." and went and put clothes on. hahah so AWK. shes a little crazy.

So many other fun things happened but out of time. i'll write you a letter. love you all so much. As President Yamashita says, "I am so ploud of you." :)

love you love you love you. pray for missionary opportunities they are everywhere!

love, Sister Wilcox

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