Thursday, January 8, 2015


WOW what a crazy week you all had! I am praying for grandpa. My heart aches for Grandma and Mom-- me and shay both agree it would be the hardest thing to go through that. Sending my love and prayers to you grandma and grandpa. I love you I love you I love you!

So happy for Melina and Steven! My aunties are all getting old and married off! Crazy. Time is FLYING. Parks and Jar your new years sounded sweet! Fun fam memories.

So 2015 IS GOING TO BE THE BEST....I will be a missionary for the entire year! So exciting! I have been studying and deciding what my new years resolutions will be. still studying and trying to decide. haha its like this HUGE deal among the japan nagoya missionaries so...ill get back to you on that. :)

This week was a little different than most weeks here on the mish. Christmas dendo was sooo fun. New Years dendo was...not dendo. ha We had member appointments for lunch AND dinner almost everyday this week! Very nice and very fun...but WOW stomach ache for days. After eating more than what is comfortable for lunch, we go eat MORE 3 hours later. It was awful to be honest haha. But we had some special experiences with members- i learn so much from their diligent examples.
One night we went to the Fujii`s. They are an old couple in the ward, i call her Okaasan- she and i had a special bond from the first time we met. I love her! She gives me the sweetest hugs and makes sure we are happy and warm. She knows that nashi is my fav and gave us some for New Years. Anyway, during our lesson with them, we started talking about life after death. In the middle of our lesson he piped in and said I am so excited to die! And then went off about how he is excited to be a missionary in heaven, and to see Heavenly Father and Christ again and to live with his family forever. That really made me think. How sweet is that? To know that you are worthy and ready to live in Gods presence, to be so excited for the next life. ..great motivation to live up to our full potential here on earth.

Mineta Shimai fell on her bike earlier this week. She messed up her knee pretty bad and we havent been able to ride our bikes. Yesterday, we wanted to visit a PI and visit Yuu chan--we havent seen her forever! So despite her pain, we were able to ride our bikes. I felt bad for her, I think she was hurting but also it was so nice to be outside dendo^ing again! Member lessons are nice but i missed inv. dendo sooooo bad!!! It was pouring rain but I was so happy to be out on the Lords errand again. Singing efy songs while riding my bike and talking to people on the street is my fav! Truly SOAKED but STOKED to be doing dendo. :)

I hope you have a great week. Have fun at school. Study hard. Be GOOD. Keep your standards high. `You survived the war in heaven; you can win the war on earth! Do not live for the moment but rather for the eternity.` Remember who you are and stay true to yourself. Dont let Satan win ANY battle. We can be strong together! The Lord knows our struggles and asks us to trust Him. I know He will. I know He does.

Love love love you!
Sister Wilcox

ps...atarashii dendobukaicho waaaaaaaaaaaa President Ishii desu! He is a member in one of the wards in our mission!
pss...MOM im in love with the stuff you sent! Thank you sooo much! Ive decorated our apt with everything you sent. LOVE IT feels like home. The scripture case you made is so cute!! I was so sad it is too small for my scriptures. :( But i put it on my journal that shaylee gave me. love it. thank you!

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