Wednesday, January 28, 2015


this week FLEW by. Cant believe it is already P-day!

Hey mom do Yuri and Ruri talk a lot?--i think she could be such a huge influence on her conversion! We didnt have an appointment with Ruri, but we just stopped by her apt one day, she seemed glad that we stopped by. She said that she loves missionaries, sisters and elders. We love her! While we were there, she showed us several photo albums of her wedding, America, and again the photo album of you after her son was born. so fun. I asked her why she thinks that Yuri entered the church. She said probably because she loved Sean. I believe it was so much more than that! True conversion comes directly from feeling Heavenly Fathers love through the sensitive and personal whisperings of the Holy Ghost. Anyone and everyone can gain the knowledge for themselves. I plead with Heavenly Father for Ruri to have that desire. She said that she had read some of the Book of Mormon, and we shared our favorite scriptures and bore testimony. Little by little and overtime, i know Ruri will recieve answers to her prayers.

We met with Evangeline, please pray for her! She is using her head too much, and not allowing the spirit to enter her heart. She wants it so desperately!

We found 3 new solid investigators this week! Yesterday on our way home from a LA visit, we stopped a girl, as we were talking she said `sugoku kyomi ga arimasu.` THATS REALLY GOOD. we made a next appointment and we are sooooo excited to meet her again.

This week, I was so grateful for the sacrament. We sang `There is a green hill far away`- one of my favorite hymns. I watched the priesthood holders break the bread, and thought of people destroying Christs body..piercing his hands and feet and showing cruelty toward our Savior. It hurt me to see them break the bread. Then, i partook of the broken bread. I was taking upon myself Christs name and accepting His sacrifice. It is incredible to me that Christ suffered for all, and yet He knew that so many would not accept the gift. `His was a great vicarious gift in behalf of all who would ever live upon the earth.` I love Him, I serve Him, and I testify of Him.

I hope you all have a great week and find time to let the spirit testify to you. He wants to. Heavenly Father wants to talk with you- give Him opportunities to help you. It really is up to you.
Love you love you LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Wilcox

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