Monday, January 12, 2015


fam and friends--

GOOD WEEK EH?? did you have a good week? cuz we had a sweet week here in good ol Toyama. Mom I hope you are stoked to read this email cuz RURI IS THE BEST!

Okay so Ruri. ...We went to her restaurant on Friday but she had already left. We called her and she said we could visit her at her house the next day! FINALLY we got to visit at her home. Going out to eat was fun with her but the setting is hard to really talk about know..the gospel haha. She lives in a a really nice apartment...(did you call them mansions?) and she gave us yummy dessert that her daughter had made. We just laughed and laughed and talked together for a long time. I showed her more pics- she kept saying that mom looked like a model! She said you could be famous cuz youre so beautiful! She showed me pics of her family and her mom. I was looking at a picture of her mom in america..and she was in Grandma and Grandpa wilcoxs HOUSE!! It was crazy!! We freaked out hahah we were screaming it was hilarious. SMALL WORLD. Anyway, SHE started asking us questions about the gospel, i love that about her. she is so open and will ask us anything. We talked for a long time about plan of salvation. After we prayed with her before we left, she put her hands on her shoulders and said she felt warm and has the chills! She said `hisashiburi` (it has been a long time since I felt this way). AHHHHH we left and Mineta Shimai and i were hugging each other and jumping up and down. I was so so happy. MOM is this not the coolest thing??! Then she came out of her house saying `Wilcox! Wilcox!`...handed me my scarf. that was awk as me and mineta were freaking out haha. THEN she came to Mochi kai this morning! She brought her friends` two daughters that we went out to dinner with before. It was so fun. We pounded that rice together...good memories. Sooooooo she is officially one of our investigators now and i couldnt be happier. I KNOW Heavenly Father has a special plan for her. I am so glad Mom and I get to be apart of it. Mom--she said that it was a miracle from God that we met. Write her a letter-you won:t regret it.

This week we also had Sisters conference! It was so fun. A Japanese lady that served a mission came and spoke to us. Her goal was 1000 baptisms on her mission, and she baptized almost 50 people every month! She was a stellar missionary. I learned so much from her. We had an incredible testimony meeting. It was girls camp x10. SO GOOD. I was wishing our investigators could have been there. the spirit was undeniable and beautiful. The plan of happiness is real. This earth is not our home. We have been sent here at this time for a special purpose. find your purpose. You each have qualities of our Heavenly parents. Every good thing comes from them. Magnify those talents and qualities, make the most of this precious time that we have to prove ourselves and grow closer to Him. I have been working on developing gratitude for the Saviors atonement. Only through Him can we make our goal and return to our Heavenly Home. I love you guys. Have a great week, have a prayer in your heart and walk the straight and narrow path. Its the only way to go!

Love, Sister Wilcox

Sister Yamashita

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