Tuesday, November 4, 2014

so much love

i loved reading all your emails! you;re all so dang cute haha hiking looked way fun. this week was just amazing. this mission is crazy fun and ive seen so many miracles already. The Lord goes before and after ---i have a solid testimony of that!

So this week I got a package from Nobuaki! So nice right?! hahah It was so cute.. he said, `I thought I would send you a package for halloween! hahah so he sent me a bunch of japanese candy, 2 CD`s, his conversion story, and a picture of us from the MTC and a pic with you guys! (mom, dad, gma and gpa). it was so fun, he`s such a neat guy.

So the elders found a bunch of highschoolers that were interested in hearing the gospel! Elders can only teach boys, and we can only teach girls-- so we all went and played soccer/volleyball and got 3 new investigators! They:re the cutest, we are meeting with them today. super excited! That same day, we were OYMing (open your mouth) and found another investigator! We havent been able to meet with her, but I know the Lord has a plan for her. Whether through us or others, she has a special spirit about her. Her name is Minami san. If nothing happens, I firmly believe in `planting seeds.` No effort is wasted!

The eikaiwa (english conversation) class is so fun! I taught the kids class- taught them happy, sad, angry, sleepy, etc. Ahh its so hard not to just cuddle those kids. So cute! Hien (from vietnam) came to eikaiwa and we went out to dinner with her yesterday. She has been meeting with the sisters for a while, shes having a hard time believing, but i have so much love for her. We had sooo much fun. Laughed and laughed. I would ask her questions in japanese, and she would answer in english. hahah it was so funny. i wish i could have filmed the whole thing. Mom and shay you would looooove her. she reminds me of lorraine dettman haha. so i started asking questions about the church and we got to talk about joseph smith more in depth. I hope she was able to feel the spirit, she says she keeps meeting with us because she feels so happy when she is with us and we are `different.` She`s ready! She is amazing! I know Heavenly Father loves her so much, and every person with such a sincere love. He wants her to remember Him.. to talk and develop a relationship again. Every soul is great in the eyes of God. Please pray for Hien!

Another amazing experience was with a girl from China. Shay- every single person ive met from china or hong kong is amazing.!!!!! Wow!!! So ready to hear the gospel. I was on an exchange with a sister named Omine Shimai in Kanazawa over the weekend. Anyway her name is Tai He He. She speaks english pretty well, so most of our lesson was in english! She talked about a lot of hard times she is going through right now, and I could relate to her pretty well- we read Alma 26:27,37 and she said that really helped her. She also has a hard time believing in God, but she says she wants to! I asked her to read Mosiah 24:13-16 that night. She looked me in the eyes and said she loved me and hoped to see me again...ah i was almost in tears! How can i love these people so much after spending such a short amount of time with them! I want them to find Christ, I want them to know Christ and know the atonement..so bad!! I know it would bring so much happiness and hope. She asked if i could come back to kanazawa over the weekend and go to lunch..wish i could! haha

Ikemoto san is just amazing as always. She asks perfect questions and has been searching for the gospel for a long time. The spirit is incredible in lessons with her. I know the angels of heaven are with us, and when she leaves after lessons, i feel so much peace. I know she is not alone.

I love you all. Im so so blessed to be in japan with Sister Walsh. We have too much fun together! Im so not looking forward to her leaving in 3 weeks! :( . I couldnt be more happy than where i am, and what im doing. `its the best!` (dad mimicking nacho libre). ;). on the exchange this weekend, omine shimai played the song `goodnight my angel` ...i was first imagining dad singing it to me- made me miss you so much dad! then i imagined Heavenly Father-- i know He loves each of you. He desires only your happiness! Do what he asks and do what the Lord asks. Just do it! It truly does bring happiness. He knows something we dont. Trust Him. :) love love love youuuuuuu
love, whit twit sister wilcox

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