Monday, November 10, 2014

My wish for you...

Fam and Friends-

My wish for each of you right this second would be for you to be in Japan seeing the miracles and having the same feelings i am having. I truly cant put it all into words. This week was simply amazing! I feel so selfish as a missionary sometimes. I am supposed to be bringing souls unto Christ and helping them get on the path that leads back to Heavenly Father--strengthen THEIR faith and spirituality. And yet everyday, I am the one being strengthened. I honestly didnt even know it was possible to feel this close to Heavenly Father. I didnt know it was possible to have such a close and very real relationship with Him. I have never been more grateful for Jesus Christ and His atonement. He lived such a short 33 year life on earth- he did all he could to do the Fathers will. If I am only called for 18 months, God must believe that I can make a change! I hope I can do my best every single day. I dont want to waste a minute. I love dendo (missionary work)!

Ill try and give you the short version of everything-- ;)
Mom PLEASE go to Sister Walshs homecoming! I adore her. Shes my best friend and my companion--how lucky is that?? I have sooo much to be grateful for! She gets home on December 9. Ill give you more deets later. She wants to meet you! Shay you gotta meet her too. k thanks. :)

Yesterday we had dinner with Susan (member that is SO good to the missionaries. She texted our investigator and invited her to dinner. how awesome is she??!) I love Hien. ahh i wish you could meet her. She is so prepared and has such a sweet spirit. Youd just eat her up shes so cute. Walsh Shimai and I shared a scripture (Mosiah 34:32) and shared our testimonies. Afterwards she was asking us questions about the BOM, please pray for her! She is so ready!

I can:t remember if i told you about evangeline or not. Shay--this is all for you. We are meeting with Evangeline from Hong Kong. She is KINJIN. She doesnt speak Japanese but her english is awesome. so yay. Shes darling. We asked her how she chose Evangeline- its the stars name from Princess and the Frog. I laughed so hard. in elementary school she went by apple. and in highschool she went by dolphin. haha what? She asked about our names- I told her, `in America- people call me Whitney.` She laughed so hard! She said, `Oh like the bear! ..Winnie the Pooh!` hahaha then Sister Walsh said `In america ppl call me Katy.` She started laughing again!! And said, `Like Hello Kitty!` hahah it was the cutest thing. She also said, `Sister Wilcox you are very vivid.` ...thank you. haha She has to go back to China to study more before her test, and in December we will be able to meet with her more often. She asks the BEST questions. She believes in God and prays a lot!! She texted us the other day and said, `I believe God is helping me!` Too cool.

Ikemoto San is still progressing-shes amazing. We asked her if she still felt like she was ready to be baptized on the 30 and she said YES I got work off! YAY. She came to church yesterday and was asking about the sacrament. I couldnt help but think of you, Dad. I remember when I was little, during church you would whisper in my ear and tell me all about the sacrament. You would tell me why we take the bread and why we take the water. I loved being so close to you and having you teach me the gospel. I cherish that memory. Youre an awesome dad. I love you.

Shay thank you soooo much for your gift. I love love love it. I read it everyday and put my own quotes in their as well. I know it will be my favorite thing from my mission. Youre awesome! Remember calling each other `hun` when we were mad at each other?? And watching the Buttercream gang? hahah

FUNNY: I dont think i told you this story- ignore this if i did it was tooo funny though. Last week we had to get flu shots. My comp went into this room for a while and came out with her eyes wide open in shock. I went in there, didn:t understand anything the doctor said, and all of a sudden this nurse behind me and the doctor in front of me were pulling up my shirt! a little awk,...dont know why they basically had to take my clothes off just to take my heartbeat. but anyway we get out shot and go out to the foyer. Walsh Shimai and I were laughing our heads off. _Okay keep in mind that japanese people are very quiet and shy and they dont really speak to each other. We are in this little foyer with probably 10 other nihonjin. I am laughing my head off. You know how I get when I literally just cant stop laughing! Well i look up and EVERYONE is looking at me covering their mouths trying not to laugh. I thought it was so funny that they were laughing cuz in america everyone would just be annoyed! So i said kind of loud, `Gomennasai. Jinsei wa omoshiroii desu.` and everyone just busted up laughing. It was a bonding moment haha. I waved at everyone when we left. Some lady came up and thanked us for making her laugh. Too fun.
sorry i think i already told you that story. but we still laugh about it. :)

I love you all so much. Lee Daniels-- you get a shout out ;) I hope you get to meet my family soon. They`re pretty cool. Thank you so much for the emails. They uplift and inspire me! Miss you and Sister Daniels so much.
Parker- write me and tell me about preference! I was so sad to hear about your chipped tooth! Did that happen during the assembly??

Thank you for supporting me and all the missionaries. Im so happy to be apart of Gods army!
Love, sister whit wilcox

I'm soaked...

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