Monday, November 17, 2014

Can't count the miracles!

FINALLY MET RURI! Ah mom it was such a miracle. Walsh Shimai and I were riding our bikes to a less- actives house and some lady came running up to me waving her hands in the air. Literally my first thoughts were `either she needs help or she really wants to get baptized.` She asked `Sister Wilcox???` I said yes and she pointed to herself and said, `Ruri! Ruri! Ruri!` We were stoked! We were both hugging each other and I was spouting out english and she was spouting out japanese but we were so happy! She took us to Starbucks, bought us scones and a drink and we talked and talked. She told us about Moser and Yuri! I was laughing so hard- iremember you telling us all about that Mom. I showed her pictures from your mission- she loved it. She said you were amazing at Japanese and knew more Kanji than some Japanese people! She asked about my siblings, if you work, what dad does for a living, if you still speak japanese...She asked a ton of questions. Im super excited to meet her daughter. We are going to visit her mom in the hospital this week with her and then go to dinner with her and her friend. Super excited. She is darling! So nice and so ready to hear the gospel. I know it! It was truly a miracle. Mom you have no idea how it made me feel to have someone in JAPAN come up to me and love me and hug me- I hope you are already tasting the fruits of your labors. I sure have. You are incredible!

This morning we met with Ikemoto san. She got work off on the 30th and is so excited to get baptized! AHHH so kinjin. Today we taught her the word of wisdom and the rest of L3. I was praying so hard while my comp was telling her about it, then i bore my testimony, then she said she would follow it and is excited to see the blessings that come from following the commandments and getting baptized. HOW COOL!!!! She is so sweet, and one of the most humble people ive met. Just her smile invites the spirit.

The Lords hand is everywhere. There is no doubt that He is the one doing the missionary work. I am just the one who is inviting. I am amazed with what I learn everyday. Stay true to yourself and always follow the Lord. What ive been so impressed with is the love that Heavenly Father has for us. ....I LOVE our investigators. I think about them constantly and always want to help them. I would do anything for them! We may only meet once a week, and after that they may forget about me. But i do not forget them. Heavenly Father is always thinkning about us, loving us, wanting what is best for us. Any maybe we only pray once a day, and then forget about Him. I hope this week we can all work on developing our relationship with Heavenly Father. We are his children. Let Him help you.

I love you all. Thank you for your support. xoxoxox

Love, Sister whit

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