Thursday, September 18, 2014

yo, yo, yo...

hey fam bam.
hope you're prepared to hear about everything AMAZING that has happened these past few days. ja
1. Sunday afternoon. Relief Society. All the sisters in the MTC meet for Music and the spoken word (which i love by the way). After that finishes, guess who walks in to speak to us.....SISTER STEVENS! (general primary presidency) and guess who just happens to be sitting on the front row?? ME. ohhh my i was so so so sos o sooooo excited! Do you know how much i LOVE HER?! So right before she's about to stand up, and i was looking at her with a huuuge smile on my face and she made eye contact with me and gave me a big smile back. So after she speaks, i stand up and she motions for me to come over and she said, "Thank you for glowing and helping me feel so happy and peaceful before i spoke." I said, "I was so excited to see that you were the speaker! I remember you from Philmont and have been dying to see you ever since!" She looked at me and said, "Ah! I remember you and your family!!" and she gave me a huge hug and her husband waved at me and we talked and it just made my life. Oh and did i mention how amazing her talk was? The first thing she did was hum a primary song. When we recognized it we were to stand up and sing along. Well the song was I'm trying to be like Jesus. As we sang it, tears came to my eyes and I thought of my dad. I will always think of my tender, loving dad who sang that to me as he lulled me to sleep. I love you dad. She then talked about how we can love like the Savior loved and be the best missionaries we can be. I will love as He did. I will care for others as He did. I will rejoice in their happiness as He did. Everyone can experience a complete change of heart and I can be the one who helps them. I want to see the light of Christ shine through a little Nihonjin as the spirit helps me teach. We can do all things through the Savior! Iesu Kirisuto no Aganai ga nakereba, watashitachi niwa dousuru koto mo dekinai no desu.
ps. also she showed a movie clip called My Joy is full in Christ. Try to find it! Helped me feel the love of Jesus Christ, made me cry.

2. Sunday Choir Practice. I LOVE CHOIR. The choir director is incredible. He is a motivational speaker (dad you gotta contact him and get him to do a fireside. not kidding.) oh and he's hilarious. so anyway, he's been talking about this the whole time i've been in the MTC...and on sunday he said THIS.."So I know you all are wondering if it's true or not, so the chances of us singing in GENERAL CONFERENCE...are pretty good...!!!!!!!!!!" ahhhhhhh so ya. I might get to sing in General Conference. How LEGIT would that be. To be in the presence of the prophet and sing for him, and my father in heaven. so stay tuned for that. :) :) :)

3. Sunday evening devo was Tad R. Callister. He did a great job. When we think we have done our best, ask what the savior asked.."what can i do more?" Always try to align your will with God's will. He knows you better than you know yourself.

4. Tuesday devotional. Richard G. Scott. Ok tears came to my eyes when he walked in the room! A prophet, seer and revelator. He is an incredible servant of the Lord. He said he would love to have personal interviews with each one of us. he would love to talk with us, laugh with us, share with us, weep with us,....but he can't. But, someone even better can. Heavenly Father can. That night, I knelt down and had the most heartfelt and personal moment with my father than any other time in my life. He was talking with me! He was weeping with me! He was laughing with me! Prayer has changed for me. I love to pray. I love to talk with my Father. Don't rush the opportunity to talk with Him! The one who created you will be with you always if you ask Him. Dad..he talked with me about this and maybe it could help you with your calling. He said, "NEVER feel you are too unworthy to pray. Do not fear repentance. Repentance is hope." Prayer is something we can always do and something that will always help us. Then Elder Scott said he wanted to bestow a blessing upon us. He said, "As you pray, the Lord will indicate specific things I need to do to be successful on my mission." WOW answer to prayer. So many incredible things have happened at the MTC, I can't get enough. I will be heartbroken to leave this place.

Anyway, my favorite snack has been cavity on a stick. keeps me awake during class. also mom--were you able to see my contacts anywhere? And could you send me my byui sweats/pair of gym shorts/t shirts? Speaking of cavity on a stick..there's this elder that i see everywhere that looks just like dr. flick. IDENTICAL. i always wanna say, "hey Dr. flick choro!" haha So Nihongo update..I haven't been using notes in lessons !!! hooooorayyyyyy. Most of the time.. i can say what i want to say. but its so weird..cuz that only happens in lessons. The Lord blesses me, and its incredible that he cares so much about a fake investigator. ahh i LOVE THIS CHURCH. Also, the first counselor in the branch prez i LOVE HIM and his wife. He told me he wants me to marry his son..ha. soo he says he thinks he's met you dad! His name is Lee Daniels, find him and be friends with him, okay?? thankksss:)

FAMMM hope you're doing so great!!!! Jaren...ok. thanks a lot. dumbo jaren mentioned that he might have cancer in his arm and immediately i started sobbing. was embarrassing. in class. you dweebo. dont ever say that again. i put your name in the temple and have been praying you for everyday. wish i was there with you. parks--HOMECOMING ON SATURDAY! howd you ask her??? i haven't heard from you at all! Im dying here. TALK TO ME BRO. what haveyou done for homecoming week??? shay. can't BELIEVE you're almost done! like whaaat???/ just stay out for a while longer and we'll come home at the same time. also..i've decided to transfer to byu when i come home. so pick a good apt for us. ;)

fam. i love you. you're the best. dad thank you for all your letters and emails this week. they are so encouraging. mom, thank for the dearelder. it makes my day! have a great week! Be a missionary!

love, twit/wilcox shimai/yo fave missionary in the MTC :)

Me and my companions posing like the card that mom sent!!  It is perfect!! Hahaha

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