Tuesday, September 2, 2014

life is da bomb!

ok so here i am. in the MTC. WAIT WHAAAAT???? crazy time flies and yet i feel like i've been here for a year. ha.....ok i have like no time so i'll hurry hurry hurry.

the first day (wed) was AWESOME. spiritual high, man. My nametag is so cuuuute :) . i love being amissionary. everyone is so nice and supportive. there's a LOT OF LOVE here in the MTC. The spirit is so abundant like wow i love it. ok so thursday...a little different. haha japanese is SO HARD. You bet i had a breakdown my first day. But wow counting my blessings. Being in a trio is great, we get a long super well. Asplund shimai reminds me of jana wilhite. super proper and really good at japanese. sister kitaka is so cute and chill and has a great testimony. mom- to answer your question...NO i do not feel ahead of ANYONE. In fact i feel wayyyy behind. haha pretty much all i remember is hiragana. and a basic prayer. its frustrating, but i'm trying not to compare myself, instead i want to use that to push myself and set goals. all i can do is my best. and i'm seeing tender mercies from the Lord everyday.

so I LIVE in a little classroom. literally. we call it the dungeon. haha fam, if you're wondering what i'm doing "at this very moment" here's a rough outline..
wake up
language study
personal study
companionship study
...yep thats pretty accurate. haha A LOT OF STUDYING. but thats what i expected. and i hope i don't waste any of the Lord's time. we are ALL enlisted till the conflict is over. Be a missionary EVERY DAY!!! It is so important. YOU know the truth--go share it! We have such a happy message to share. And we are all representatives of Christ. NEVER FORGET IT
This week we taught a man named Zukeran Kyodai. He was very nice and very good and hand/sign language. haha we need it...So our first lesson was pretty crazy...i can pick out like 2 or 3 words and try to make sense out of it. Our third time teaching him, i didn't feel like the spirit was there cuz i was focusing SO HARD on trying to understand him. When we walked out of there, i just broke down. It was super discouraging, all three of us were pretty much sobbing haha. we went for a little walk and knelt down and prayed together...in english for the first time. haha Oh my goodness we had such a spiritual, special experience with Heavenly Father. HE IS HERE and listens to your prayers. He cries with you, he laughs with you. He understands what you need!!!! Always turn to Him first. That's what i've learned here. I have to rely on him 100%. I GET to rely on Him 100%. Its incredible what blessings he will give you in time of need. It's not about me, I'm bring souls closer to Christ. I have felt closer to Him now more that any other time in my life. ITS SOO SO SOS OS O AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya. praying and personal study is my favorite part of the day...(no japanaese) hahah i love love love reading scrips and PMG. PMG is so great. everyone read it.
SUNDAY WAS THE BOMB. best sunday ever. i prayed in church, and really felt the spirit. it was awesome. church is in all japanese. We have to prepare talks in japanese on a topic they assign us that morning. Relief Society was AWESOME. bawl fest. probaby 90% of the sisters there were in tears. We watched music and the spoken word, they talked about leaving your families and played this song called Homeward Bound. Oh my hahah it was so sad. thats when i really started missing you guys. I hope this doesnt sound weird, but there's really no time to think about anything else except Japanese and lessons throughout the week. so sunday, when we get to ponder and hear speakers about families, man sometimes those are sad times. But happy..cuz i have the best fam ever.
Gym time is soo fun. I run for a while, then go play vball. Jeff Murdock and Jackson gordon ahd the same gym time as me. i saw them all the time. I've seen Beau Freeman, colton Mahoney, Zach Reisse and Tim price. They all say they love you parker. :)
Ok so here's a funny story..
So Zukeran Kyodai told us he wanted to be baptized! So the next lesson, our Choro Tachi go in and say, "Zukeran Kyodai, we are so excited you want to be baptized!" Well..apparently there's only one meaning to the word "excited"...and it doesn't mean happy. So Zukeran busted up laughing. hahahahah it was so funny. At night, we are so delirious that everything is funny. Like we were watching our Shimai Tachi do a door approach, and they went to the wrong door, and we thought it was the funniest thing. hahah i was literally rolling on the floor laughing. like my "i dont make any noise cuz im laughing so hard" laugh. ya....hahah anyway, hey boys. you bums. write me! I need to hear from my bros. 

Mom, thank you so much for your letter. oh ok..DEAR ELDERS ARE THE BEST. Marcene sent me a PACKAGE i cried. haha she is the BEST!!!! All three of us got packages that day. it was so fun. letters/dear elders are like 1000x better than email. cuz i only get 1 hour for email. and only once a week. My unit # is 47. WRITE ME ON DEAR ELDER :) :) :) : Mom can you send me emails from my Gmail account?? thx. how are you guys???? I want to hear about your lives. sorry for the long email haha. mom you're subbing? are you enjoying it? DAd--- I've learned not to take myself too seriously. We both have a life of work and church right now. :) And I've learned to really laugh and make the most of the good times. You are such an amazing man! Ah i look at you and am just in awe at all you can do. for our family, for the stake, for Heavenly Father. Don't get discouraged, you are doing the Lord's work and what better work than that??? Where can I turn for Peace? turn to God. I miss the safety and love and comfort and fun we have at home, but the MTC and mission is a great place to be. I am on the Lords errand! OK THIS IS MY FAV SCRIPTURE. ahhhhhhh go read Alma 26:27, 37. This explains how im feeling perfectly. such a good one. "Fear departs when faith endures."

You know what??? We were foreordained for things right?? well we were all apart of the ground council in heaven. the earth is older than 3.5 billions years. so even before that, I knew i was going to serve a mission. dad you knew you were going to be a SP. Mom- you knew you were going to be a mom to 4 crazy kids!! We've been preparing for THIS for a long, long time. We are READY. ready to take on Satan's team and join together with the army of God to win this battle. WE CAN DO IT. Never doubt your faith. This church is SO true. We will experience immediate blessings, and especially eternal blessings..

i love you all so so sso much. thanks for loving me and supporting me. it means the world. I'll see you in 17 months and 21 days. ;) Have the best week.

love, Wilcox Shimai

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