Thursday, September 18, 2014

week 4 (letter from Sep 11, 2014)

Sorry for the pic overload earlier. sure miss you all! One of our choro tachi in my district blew his nose. and it reminded me of you, dad. cuz every morning you blow your nose and it sounds like a blow horn throughout the whole house. :) everything reminds me of you guys haha. I saw Phil and 
Kathryn Wright! they are so sweet. made me miss heebs! 

This week was the BEST! so many good things. On Sunday President Sitaki from the seventy gave a devo. that was aweeesoomeee. Parker he is from Kenya! You would have liked to hear him speak. He spoke a lot about remembering... Remember who you are, remember the atonement everyday, remember to be grateful, remember all the good things in life--and all those good things relate back to the Savior. How can this gospel not be true?? I've been thinking a lot about trials and adversity. Why are people so against mormons?? why is the adversary so strong?? You know what? Seeing all this adversity strengthens me. Why is the adversary so strong? Because Satan is against us. THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!! God lives. Jesus Christ atoned for every single person. And Satan is here to bring us down. To bring us down lower than he already is. Why should we ever give into his cunning ways? We can be strong together! We can win this battle on earth. We have Jesus Christ on our side. and He can ALWAYS defeat Satan. Be worthy of His presence. Be worthy of the Holy Ghost. and you can never lose. I am so grateful everyday for my Heavenly Father to know the truth.

I'm about out of time. Park and Jare--read Jacob 5. Its AWESOME.
I love you so much! I have incredible family and friends. Marcene sent me a package with the perfect CTR ring and bracelet. It meant the world to me. And to hear from everyone is so supportive. I'm so grateful to each of you. I pray for you everyday. The church is true!

have a super happy week!
Ai shite masu!
Love, Wilcox Shimai

ps mom have you seen spencers engagement pics they are ADORABLE

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