Monday, January 18, 2016

The eagle is flying for the last time

Haha. Sorry that's what keeps popping in my head.
Fam! My cute cute family, you sound so great. Mom, I also feel so
incredible blessed. In fact this morning as a knelt and prayed, I was
overcome with gratitude. Dad the stake president spoke in our ward
yesterday and I thought of you at stake conference and said a little
prayer in my heart for you and the members. Our stake president,
Hirose kaicho is an ANGEL, they are the ones that took us to Costco.
We started talking about the grossest food that we have eaten and he
wants me to eat something super nasty before I go back to America.
Yesterday he asked if I'd eaten anything gross lately, I said no and
he said he was thinking about it and would bring us something this
week. Yummm haha. But I loved what he talked about. He introduced the
Asia North Area Plan and Vision for this year. He says the most
important part is our vision. Goals are important, but they just help
us along the way to achieve what we have in mind as our vision. See
your future in regards to your vision. For us and investigators,
returning with God is part of the big vision. And God and Jesus have
set up a perfect plan with little goals along the way--like Baptism.
Going to church. Feeling the spirit. Repenting. Loving. We CAN reach
our vision- it is so possible. And while fulfilling these goals
'happiness can be found along the journey.' I know this is true.

The members are so awesome, yesterday Kanou Shimai had a little
farewell party for Elder Strauss and I that she's been planning for
weeks haha. It was SO FUN and the best part was that her husband that
has been less active for years has been coming back to church for the
last month, he shared his thoughts and testimony with us. BAH THE
SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG. He said he realized that there comes a time in
your life where you need God, because you have nothing else. He reads
scriptures with his wife everyday because he wants to know what God
wants him to do. He realizes that God truly just wants us to be happy,
and when we do what he asks, we are happy. The gospel is SIMPLE my
friends. Simple and beautiful and just simply beautifully perfect.

We witnessed our fair share of miracles this week. ❤️ I know it is
because of Sister Jacobsons faith. I'm so grateful for a companion
that pushes me to be better. She is a disciple of Christ! She is
helping so many people here and I'm so proud and happy and grateful
that she is here in Japan, in Kanazawa, with meeee how am I so
lucky?!? On Thursday, we had not met our goal of finding a new
investigator that day. We were headed out the door to eikaiwa, so no
more finding time :( however, we knew that the whole purpose of
eikaiwa was to bring people to Church and help them feel the spirit
even if we can't teach, we prayed for a miracle and headed. HIRO, a
girl that Satomi, our other investigator had brought to the ward New
Years mochi party, showed up at eikaiwa!!! She is darling, afterward
one of the members was talking to her and asked if she had ever been
to a Christian church before. I asked her if she would like to come
next week because I will be speaking in church. Fiiiiirst she said
YES, THEN She asked if she could meet with us earlier so we could
explain church and prayer and whatnot. We have a lesson with her in a
few minutes with some members and just bahhhhh isn't that awesome???
God is preparing so many!

This Sunday, we were not expecting any investigators at church. :(
they all bailed last minute because of tests and work. However, right
before we headed out the door, we prayed that we would witness a
miracle and be able to help someone come closer to Christ at church.
After ward council, HATA SAN walked out of the bathroom. Ok I about
cried just seeing her haha. Ever since she told us her husband didn't
want her to get baptized, we have completely lost contact. We'd tried
to visit multiple times, called, not response for a couple weeks. :(
super bummed, we dropped her and kept the faith that she wil accept
the gospel later at her own timing. So she just walks out of the
FLIPPIN CHURCH bathroom and looked suuuuper skinny, she said she had
been really sick and couldn't contact us. I asked her why she came
back to church, she said she likes the feeling at Church and wanted to
come back. After she walked in the chapel, Jacobson Shimai pulled a
best two years and hugged each other and jumped up and down and
laughing and dying of happiness. ☺️ She said she feels the same
feeling whenever she comes and hears the hymns. Yes dawling, yes you
awe. We are meeting her this week and can't wait to try to help her
understand the SPIRIT.

Hey some bummy wanted a new bike so they STOLE MINE 10 days before I
leave Japan hahahahaha. So I get to ride a MAMACHARI around and it's
the cutest thing ever I'll attach a vid. :)

We were able to give 3 books of Mormons to investigators, and I can so
testify that there is so much power in that book. It is truly the work
of God. I love studying about Jesus Christ. We studied the names of
Christ at church yesterday. Savior, redeemer, shepherd, friend. But I
think my favorite is Mediator. He is between us and God. And the only
way we can return to our Father is through Jesus Christ. His grace,
mercy, teachings, love get us there. How grateful I am for our savior.
I hope through continuing in strengthening my conversion, together
with Jesus Christ, we can help others back to the truth. In enduring
to the end, our only way of making it back to Heaven is through
helping others. By becoming like the Savior. These wonderful Japanese
people have Christ in their eyes, and the spirit in their hearts.
Angels are all around. I love this place. I can't tell you how
grateful I am that I will be returning to a place where angels and
Christ and the spirit are present. Sorry this email is all over, the
members are here and we are waiting for Hiro so for now FAREWELL but
see you SOOON. Whoa that does not feel real. I love you so much.
Thank you for everything.
"Because I have been given much, I too must give." Give the gift!!!
Love love love Sister Wilcox

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