Monday, January 18, 2016

Help (email from Jan 10, 2016)

As a sister missionary about to go home in 2 weeks, this is how I'm feeling. :

😆. Get to see my FAMILY!
🤑. I get to go eat yummy food and drive and wear pants.
🙄. Ha. Wait I have no money. Dang it 😒
😆. That's okay who needs money? I get to hang out with jare!
😫. Wait Jaren is like a man now he's got a deep voice and is taller
than me waaaah.
🤔. Also what should I do for college and job and life and whatnot?
😰. Oh my gooooshh I have no idea what to do for this thing called life!!
😭. I don't wanna leave Japan and these people and these feelings how
can I leeeeaave????????
☹️also. Peewee Brighton won't be there. Sooo glad he's on a mission
🤗☺️😊okay. Whatevs. A lot can happen in 2 weeks. I'm just going to
enjoy this time I have to be a set apart representative of Christ and
work until the end and then worry about life on the plane. Yes. Okay.
Guys I'm a mess haha.

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