Monday, January 4, 2016

Love, Love, Love

Hellooooo happy new year! Crazy way stinkin CRAZY how fast 2015 was.
There were mostly ups, some downs, however those ups and downs are
part of our mortal experience and I'm truly grateful for every
experience I've had in 2015. I hope that we all feel closer to our
father in heaven, and understand the Saviors atonement a little bit
more from crazy 2015.

Just something I've been thinking about lately....
"Come into Jesus. He'll surely hear you,
If you in meekness plead for his love.
Oh, know you not that angels are near you
From brightest mansions above?"

It is so comforting to know that our family and friends on the other
side of the veil are helping build the kingdom of God! They may have a
larger perspective than us, and I believe they are incredibly
successful in bringing souls back to the fold. Papa, gma Schwartz,
great grandparents, Sister Zelaya, Sean (I can't remember his last
name:(). I know they want to work together with us in what is right,
in what is true. Is this true or is it not? Will we do what we are
asked or not? Will we choose liberty and eternal life or will we not?
Do we love the Lord? Do I love the Lord?

I know this gospel is true, grateful beyond words for Joseph Smith,
for the Book of Mormon. I Looooooove the Book of Mormon. We finished
the Book of Mormon on December 31, and have started a new project
together as a mission. We should totally do it together! The members
are all doing in with us. It will be a great tool in blessing the
lives of others.

This week we weren't really allowed to do normal missionary work, New
Years is crazy here! We were asked to deeeeeep clean apartments, do
area book, and go to members houses for appointments and food. :) I
swear all we did was eat this week. But Jacobson Shimai had a ton of
chances to bear her testimony and I think her confidence is building a
ton. She is opening up and little more and talking a little more with
members and she's so excited about it! Had so many awesome experiences
with the members, I'll just read my entire journal to you when I get
home haha, these people are so close to heaven. I see their light and
I want it! For fast Sunday we woke up early and went up to the
mountains with some members and had a little testimony meeting and
prayer to begin our fast. It was so awesome, how cool that they do
that?! Giving themselves opportunities to feel the Cool.

Sorry not a ton happened this week #thanksforreading BUT HATA is still
on for the 17th, please continue to pray for her and her husband to
also join her in coming to church! The members love her! We love her!
The lord loves her! And 🎶the prophet said to say hello! Heehee

Love you allllll California looked so nice! Glad yew had funnnn. :)
parks happy new yeaz! A whole year to be a missionary is THE BEST
THING EVER! Just enjoy it. ;)
Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sister Iwata wore kimono to church for New Years. Little cutie.

This is former investigator sakamoto San. They dressed us up in kimonos and we walked around higashiyama for a while. So fun!

Miyazawa shimai

Obaachan kimonos versus modern kimonos haha

FAVORITE FAMILY the right side peeps are members from Toyama! Left side is the Nishimuras in Kanazawa. So fun! New Year's Eve.

Nishimuras and tokuzawas. Bishop/first counselor families.

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