Tuesday, October 6, 2015

You're a wizard, Harry

OH MY the lodge looks perf! Shay your wedding is gonna
be such a party! How FUN! So exciting! Mom, noooo you don't send
too much, you don't send enough;) I want more more more details!
Your toes are cute. Funny that you sent me that pic, I took the same
pic this week, I'll send it to you. Haha our nail parties were fun.

Speaking of the blog, Kiyomi Shimai still reads my mission blog! Do
you remember her? One of my favorite nihonjin everrrr from Shizuoka. I
got to call her on Oct 2 for her birthday, It was the funnest time, I
love her so much. I cried having to hang up the phone, we sang "Come
stop your crying, it will be alright. Just take my hand hold it tight,
I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don't you
cry.", just like she did my last night in Shizuoka. :) Oh I can't
leave this place! I can't leave Japan!

Last night I had quite the dream. Michael knows half of it. But it was
those dreams that missionaries dread of coming home. It was so vivid,
the whole airport scene, driving home from the airport, not wanting to
go to bed we were so happy and had so much fun talking and laughing
and crying together. But then it skipped about a week later. We were
in the kitchen of our old house, and I just fell on the floor in
tears. Shaylee came over and was talking to me, but all I wanted to do
was come back to Japan. In the dream, life just started right back
where it left off and Japan, with all the people and experiences and
love, felt like a dream. It was awful! As excited as I am to come back
to you, I feel so at home here. I love the companionship of the spirit
and how directly we are led everyday. I feel at one with the spirit,
with the Lord. There is no greater feeling than feeling the spirit, it
is Heavenly Fathers love.

This week was SERIOUSLY the best ever. the best.
First of all, I am SO SORRY these must be the most boring letters of
history do you even read them? Haha ELDER BROSHKUM is flipping
hilarious and my letters are like "blahhh pity party you love Japan

This week though, so many happy times. AHH the best. We found a class
that teaches Japanese to foreigners, and it was so fun and hopefully
will bring some solid PIs but on our way home from that, we ran into a
festival! Cline shimais first festival, she was YOSHED on life. So we
stopped there for lunch and walked around for a while. CRAZY we got
stopped 4 times (all men) asking if we were Mormon missionaries! While
we were there we met a way awesome girl, Ayaka that we are excited to
meet with.

Hey ok I'm almost out of time but this week we had ZTM, and my bff
Humphreys S is in our zone now, so we are STLs together. We did a
training on HARRY POTTER. Let me explain. Park this is for you.

*Have you ever wanted to be a wizard? What is the first thing that
someone would need to train to be a wizard? ....A letter! ...(and you
hear "OHHHHH" "Ahhhhh") As missionaries, we all received a letter in
the mail, right? The Wizards then go shopping and get all their
supplies, books, capes, etc. these are all great tools and us as
missionaries will use these tools quite often. But what is one thing
that all Wizards need, and what all wizards have? A wand. We all need
them, and we ALL have them. (Because this conference was about faith-
our wands represented faith.)* "You're a wizard Harry. ...a what?"
"You're a missionary Parker"
Anyway, it was super fun, I wish I could tell you all about the
conference, the spirit was amazing. Ever since Elder Whiting did a
mission tour here, and talked all about faith, some missionaries feel
that if they are not seeing "success", they must not have enough
faith. We want to strengthen the faith of this mission a thousand
times. It is through faith that the lords miracles and works are
performed. We introduced 2 faith projects that I'm SO excited about!!!
We all received a new BOM. We will be reading the BOM as a whole
mission. And marking references of faith, the Lord, etc. (you should
TOTALLY do it with us! PMG back of the Book Of Mormon chapter under
'mission president.') I've already found myself thinking and pondering
and finding more ways to increase my faith. Our second project is the
"faith project" where we will be reading several scriptures about
faith everyday. ALSO we introduced a new way of "dendo" that we have
been applying and it is incredible the blessings we have already felt.

I'm out if time but alsoooo we got to watch the general women's
session, it was AMAZING. Oh my heart is so full and I almost start
tearing up just thinking about it. From the opening hymn until the
very end, I felt like my heart was going to burst. Felt the spirit so
greatly and it was the best feeling ever. I want to write all about
that. But anyway, CANNOT wait for conference to hear the voice of the
Lord through his servants, the prophets.

A-chan is doing so great! She told us yesterday that although her
parents are hantai, she knows she has agency and wants to choose for
herself. Please pray for her!


"When the times get tough, you gotta get tougher, if you wanna stay alive."
If you can name what movie that is from you get 1000 points.
Love love love you. Xoxox

Jare--back in the days of me and shays childhood, we watched
Buttercream gang every Sunday of life. Do you watch that?

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  1. My dear Wilcox-shimai!! This is Kiyomi-shimai!! Haha!! This is a first comment on your blog!! YES, I sometimes visit your blog, becaaaaaause you're always in my heart!! Love you, Wilcox-shimai!! Keep up your good work!! You're an awesome missionary!!