Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happiest News Ever!!!!

This letter is all about happy tears i think. However, I will only
include one very sad thing. Because this week was super happy.

N-chan. :( After an incredible lesson, where she expressed wanting to
be baptized and had felt the spirit while praying, we received a text
at 3am saying that she had researched about Mormons on the Internet
and asked us not to come over for our next appointment. I just felt
sick after reading that. A lot of tears were shed..after the spiritual
high lesson, then after the heartbreaking news that temptation caught
another one of the lost sheep. Cline Shimai and I took that one pretty
hard. We tried to visit her and call her, but after failed attempts,
she did not want us to come back. She will continue to be in my
prayers and in my heart, it was a tough experience for sure. Waaah. :(

Mom, since you are getting cline shimais emails I'll let you read her
details. We don't have a ton of time today! Going to district
activity, But we had a lesson with A-chan, oh my soooooo amazing. We
talked to her about the spirit and really figured out where she is at.
Cline Shimai and I had a little movie party this week. Invited YSA,
A-chan, B-chan, and recent convert T Shimai. Watched the testaments movie.
Docudhwnckdidje the spirit was so strong. One of the YSA members bore
her testimony after the movie and said that she could feel Christ in
the room. B-chan said she was excited for the second coming. And A-chan
was crying, she said she had forgotten what the spirit felt like. The
spirit is so good at His job. :) So then on Sunday, as we were talking
about the spirit, we asked her if she had knelt down and sincerely
asked God whether these things were true, and received a confirmation
from the spirit. She answered no, and with a little nudge from the
Holy Ghost, we invited everyone to kneel down together and for A-chan to
ask God whether it was true. Bet you could guess what happened
next..YES we were all in tears. T Shimai, her member friend bore
testimony and expressed how badly she wants A-chan to receive the gift
of the Holy Ghost. It was so special. I'll never forget these sweet

However, the happiest news ever...I just can't stop crying whenever I
think about it. ❤️ MATT AND MISTI ARE HAVING A BABY!!!??!? What an
incredible blessing straight from heaven. AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH I
CANNOT STOP CRYING SO SO SO HAPPY Misti!!! Matt!!! My heart feels like
it is going to explode, I watched the video and the spirit just filled
the room, my companion doesn't really understand the situation, but I
felt like Papa and grandmas parents were celebrating here with me and
we are so so so so happy. Oh, Misti and Matt. OH I just wish I could
call you up and we could scream and cry and pray together and just
thank the Lord for his glorious plan. Caleb and Sadie needed righteous
and trustworthy parents of the Lord. He sent them directly through
you, through a way that we just didn't understand at first. The plan
is so clear now, my heart is so full and heavenly, peaceful, pure joy
is real. I saw the video on Saturday, and I just start crying
whenever I think about it. :) You and your family and our loving
heavenly fathers plan have filled my thoughts and prayers. I have
shared this faith-filled story with members and investigators, and
your brothers and sisters in Japan are rejoicing with you! We love you
so much! So so much. Thank you for your incredible faith, you are my
heroes. God requires of us a broken heart and a contrite spirit, with
that and your faith, God has continued to pour blessings upon you. You
deserve all the blessings of heaven.
How lucky you are to be receiving so many heavenly blessings now in
this mortal life. I love you so much. AHHHHHHHHH ARE YOU SICK OF
CRYING YET??? Haha can you just cry with me for a little bit? :) I
love you guys so much. My heart is so happy!

Also, parks I've been thinking about you a TON. I love you brother.
I'm cheering for you and I get updates on you more than you think. ;)
Just want you to know that our weaknesses WILL become strengths as we
rely on the lord. With desires and faith to act, we can do it. He sent
you in your first area with your first companion for a reason. USE
your talents and personality. Do not fear men, investigators, less
actives, members, your companion, don't even fear yourself. The work
will NOT be frustrated. I know you are someone that the Lord can
trust. He wants you to be you, that's what he needs. Make it fun, make
it worth it, and come home every night with no regrets. You're my man
parks, I look up to you so much. We are as the army of Helaman, we
have been taught in our youth, and we are now the lords missionaries
to bring the world his truth. Xoxoxoxo

Just some scripture thoughts for your Monday...
2nephi 22:2
When I want to be comforted, I want to talk to someone. I want council
and guidance and support and love and healing. God is so brilliant to
prepare this record of scripture that he says 'whether through his own
voice or the voice of his servants, it is the same.' God knows exactly
what will succor his dear children. He wants to speak to us. I love to
read and know that Heavenly Father prepared these sacred words for me
and my family and friends and investigators.

"The more you feel, the more you understand" ....seek opportunities to
feel the Holy Ghost.

Haaaa this letter is so random. Sending love. Sending so much love. 💚💚💚
Sister Wilcox

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