Friday, September 11, 2015

New Comp (Aug 30, 2015)

Who's there?
Threw-up who?
Nope not threw-up poo, threw-up NATTO. My companion literally threw-up
when her wicked trainer made her try nato for the first time.
HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry I shouldn't laugh. I'll send you the video, she
threw up all over the kitchen floor right when I STOPPED the video.

Life in the Gifu is sooo good. The weather is craazzyyyy though. One
day it's a hundred degrees and the next day the rains come down and
the floods come up. My eczema is back. Yum.

We are really trying to do our best finding new investigators. I'm so
blessed with such a wonderful companion who wants to do everything she
can to bring the sheep back to the fold. She has great ideas and a
great spirit about her. I'm grateful to be working with someone who
pushes me to be better, I learn so much from Sister Cline!

So crazy sad news. :( K-chan is no longer an investigator. She was
doing sooo great. Progressing like no one I had seen before. Or at
least that's what we thought. Her birthday was on the 28th. We wanted
to do something special for her. So we called Yagi Shimai, K-chans
friend in the ward who she has been wanting to do a joint lesson with,
and asked her if we could have a little party at the church. She was
excited to, and also suggested that we have a lesson right after since
we would all be at the church. I called K-chan back and asked her if
she could come to the church for a little party and a lesson, and she
got so mad. She was so upset that we would want to have a lesson on
her birthday. She thought that we only wanted her to get baptized and
that we weren't good friends, and was just not being very nice over
the phone. She told us that she was never interested in the church
stuff, she only met with us cuz we helped her with English. 😢 THEN
she went online and read a lot of reviews and anti-mormon literature.
She told us all she heard and read, it was very hard to hear. Very
dramatic. We ended up just telling her that we were representatives of
Christ, and we were glad that by serving her we could also become
friends. We told her that we were happy to have helped her with
English. We want to serve all of Gods children and help them in this
difficult life, and that hopefully we could make hers a little easier
and that she felt Gods love for her. Anyway, I just PRAY that her
anger will be toward me, and not the church. Maybe one day she will
remember the spirit, we know that she felt it. We had special moments
with her, and it really is heart breaking to see Satan influencing
people, and then them using their agency against what is right. For
now, we will just keep praying for her.

On a good note, we are meeting again with Anri today!! Our lesson last
week was...magical. It was just as good as being at Disneyland. :) we
taught the restoration and showed the video, bore testimony and tried
to help her feel Heavenly Fathers love. She came alone last week and
said she was nervous about coming without Tokiwa, but at the end said
she was very happy that she came. There really was a special spirit
there. We are so excited to meet with her again. Please pray for her!
PRAYING that she prayed and read BOM. ahhhhh that would make my life.

Anwayssss to answer your Qs...YES I love going to church now. Haha NO
I don't understand everything by a long shot. But if I really pay
attention, I can understand most. The members are AWESOME and that
makes it very easy to just love and be happy and be myself at church,
ya know? No one leaves church. Until like 4ish. And church starts at
10. Everyone lives so far away. So they just bring their lunch and
pretty much hang out, sing in choir, meetings, etc. The Imai couple
makes the missionaries food every week SO nice.
I have a way cool experience from scripture study this week BUT I need
to go soooo next week. Be excited. ;)
Love you so much. I love Gifu. I love Anri. I love the Savior, and
love His work; it brings glory and everlasting happiness for sure.

From Sister Humphreys this week: "What matters to you, matters to God."

Sister Wilcox

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