Monday, October 13, 2014

10 days

hey fam&friends. げんきですか

how are you? hope you are happy. ok wasn't conference amazing?! WOW keiji wa shinjirarenai desu, ne?! and how cool that some were given in different languages. i thought of shay when hong wong was giving his talk in cantonese! super cool. Mom didn't you love seeing the little Asian kids sing in the general women's meeting? and the nihonjin talk about the temple?! ahh i just seriously can't wait to get back and speak to you and dad in nihongo. legitttt! I didn't bring my conference notes but i loved this quote, "God is not stranger to His servant." I've used that a lot in my lessons. One way to develop a かんけいとかみさま is to serve Him. It's all up to us. It is up to us how far that relationship goes and how well we develop it. God knows us perfectly- we just need to search for Him, pray to Him, serve Him and He will brings things to our remembrance. それわしんじつだとしています! I also loved to listen to Thomas S. Monson. Yogensha wa keiji o ukeru koto ga dekimasu. We witnessed that all weekend! During kojin benkyo, I read D&C 1:37-38. I realize that we are each entitled to that revelation! How cool is that? We are not here to fail, we are here to learn and grow. Every single day you and I can become better. Are we actively seeking those things that will help us learn and grow? I hope I can practice that more and more.

So dad- haha. this was super awkward. I realize that i really am an awkward missionary..YOSH! haha but the other day before devo, i saw Byron..BJ Hunter. haha i was like, "I'm pretty sure i know that guy." so I ask him "hey are you from heber?"
"my parents are.."
I said, " you know Travis Wilcox?" hahah
he was like, "Yaa he was my bishop when i younger! How could i not remember Travis Wilcox!"
..then i just didn't know what to say so i'm like "!"
He said "I'm gonna have to figure out what his number is and give him a call!"
I just said yep! see ya later! haha wow. all i remember is you took me to young mens with you and i had a crush on him when i was 10 years old.

anyyyyyway. only 10 more days in the MTC! what?? No doubt I am so so so so nervous. I don't feel ready to go to Japan! But..will i ever be ready? haha i just need to get there and get to work! I can't wait to start this service and finally be where i'm supposed to be. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Ah i can't express to you what i've already felt and what i've learned. It's been amazing already and this mission has just begun! I can't wait for the next 16 months. I love love love each of you. Think about you all the time. :) I pray that you feel God's love and know that you have a special place here on earth. You are a child of God! Think about that.

Ai shite imasu! honto ni!!!

love, wilcox shimai

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